Record Player help please

Hi gang! I’d really appreciate any advice on the following please… my Project Carbon debut record player is running through a Rega Fono Mini A2D pre-amp into a Hitachi amp.

I’m getting lots of hum/gainy type noise on the signal and I have tried everything to get rid of it! It is earthed (first thing I checked) but thinking out loud my amp only has AUX inputs, no actual phono/line level input… the CD player and TV sound clear when I run them directly into the amp so it’s just the record player having the noise issue.

Do I need to buy an amp with a phono input…?


No you don’t need a phono input, that’s what the preamp does for you. An amp with phono just has a built in preamp. It’s got to be something up with the earth wire or the earth option on your preamp.

I recommend the Beringer preamp on Amazon that’s like 20 quid if you need a replacement

Ok, thank you, I had the Behringer £20 pre-amp originally but just replaced it with that £90 thinking it was the problem…

When I unattach the earthing the buzzing is 100 times louder, so the earthing seems to be taking 90% of the buzz out but not all… I’m not sure why that would be…

How loud are you cranking it? Might be a TT problem then.

Not loud at all. My CD player plays at a volume of 7 out of 30 on the amp and it’s loud enough to fill the room. The record player I have to crank to 15+ to get the same level but that then brings a lot of noise (definitely not distortion though)

When I first got my project TT it had a wiring problem and wouldn’t earth or play out the left channel. Maybe go to an audio specialist and get them to have a wee look

Ok cheers again, it’s new and under warranty so I’ll take it back to Richer Sounds. Thanks yugz!

Have you tried making sure the speaker and power cables don’t touch? That makes a big difference on mine.

As in the cables from the amp to the speakers and the mains electrical power cable to the plugs…?

Yes- if they are too close it can cause interference.

I will report back! Cheers!

Also are your speaker cables the kind where you strip a bare end and fix it into a terminal/connect up a banana plug yourself or the premade kind with phono/rca plugs?

If it’s the bare wire kind, try making up some fresh cables.

Bare ends… and moving the cables elsewhere didn’t make a difference so i’ll try that next…!

Omg seemingly endless amounts of moving things around and fiddling has dampened the hum massively. Records are sounding loud enough at the same volume as CDs now so I’m just going to leave everything in exactly this position for now! Thank you for your help!

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Two things that helped me out a lot:
-unplugging some transformers from a multi-socket when I was running the turntable
-unplugging the ‘aux in’ cable from the TV to the amp
-keeping the cables running from the turntable to the amp as short as possible (when I kept my turntable on the other side of the room it picked up a huge hum just from the impedence on that length of cable.

Glad it sounds sorted now though!

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Oh and btw, always expect to turn the volume up a lil more than with CDs. Records tend to be mastered quieter.

Just cranked my lil denon amp up really loud without playing anything. Can deffo hear hum but if I played music it would be deafening. My speaker wires are near power wires too.

The only thing I have terrible trouble with is my anti static brush causing static rather than removing it. Been doing it for years