Record shop website templates

I’ve had an idea with a slightly unique approach to vinyl and film selling in my mind for a while now. This morning, with the luxury of a day off I’ve scouted around Google and it seems no one else is doing what I’m thinking.

Not going to give much away, but, it’s a very simple idea but the simplicity is what might make it work - and I’ve got a killer name for it that encompasses what it does / would do.

Are there any go to website builders for sales online that would simplify the whole selling process?

Shopify might be the sort of thing you need?

I’ll have a look at them.

Recently I’ve bought records from Normans Records, Piccadilly Records, HMV… and the buying process is so simple even if you aren’t signed up and do not need to log in to their sites.

I’m looking for what would essentially be a shelf online, people would see the item, when it’s sold it is just gone.