Record Store Day 2017

For those who enjoy anticipating and seeing the list of special releases every year (or twice if you count Black Friday Record Store Day)…

A few different early/unofficial lists posts there on reddit.

Among them,

-Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV Volume One [2LP] (150 Gram Splatter Vinyl, gatefold, download, first time on vinyl, limited to 2500, indie-retail exclusive) LP 47,50€
-Mayer Hawthorne - Party Of One [LP] (Luminescent Aquamarine Blue Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive) LP 26,50€

really hoping these 2 are not a European Exclusive per my Wife will NOT be happy if we can’t find the Mayer Hawthorne in the US, Minnesota specifically where we live

-Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery [7’’] (limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive) 7” 23,50€
-Sharon Jones with the E.L. Fields Gospel Wonders - Heaven Bound b/w Key To The Kingdom [7’’] (‘picture frame’ custom jacket with easel-back, limited to 2500, indie-retail exclusive)
-Sharon Jones, Corey Harris & Peter McGennis - Bubble Girl (Soundtrack) [12’’] (limited, indie-retail exclusive)12” 41€
-Toto - Africa [12’’] (Picture Disc, die cut, limited to 2500, indie-retail exclusive)



Think I’m gonna give it a miss this year. I like the premise of what RSD is trying to achieve, but it so obviously fails. I queued from 6:30am last year, and missed out on a couple of things, that were on eBay within an hour at ten times the price. I know it’s not the fault of the record shop or the those orgainising the day, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

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I’ll just stick to my legal downloads, going to loads of gigs and buying merchandise to support artists. Never saw the point of Record Store Day. I’ll opt for the ease of listening on my wireless speaker via Google Play over a physical product.

My mates and me when we first started working after uni in the late 90s would each spend £30-£40 each Saturday on Berwick Street at record shops. Since mp3s and streaming we don’t bother. Indie kids have killed the independent record store.

Berwick Street was amazing back then. I worked on Shaftesbury Av. And would go out every lunch time. More for the MVE and Reckless records to look for 2nd hand stuff, but also Select-a-Disc was great too.

Anyway, I have not seen anything I fancy. I’ve been sucked into buying things from flippers from ebay on the day before and feel dirty because of it. Most, if not all the time the prices come back down pretty quickly too.

23 euros for a 7"?

Good to see the spirit of the day remains!

The day used to be fun years ago when bands recorded special things for it and long wanted and out of print stuff got reissued. Now that every album ever released is available all year on a 180g splatter pressing for £35, what gets released almost overwhelmingly tends to be tat.

Early last year I bought the Ghostbusters soundtrack in a charity shop for £2 as a joke. That Record Store Day, the first thing to sell out was a poor quality glow in the dark pressing of just the title song which cost £15 or so.

What’s the point?

Yep. There are so many re-releases like this. Almost new copies still languishing in Oxfam.

Will probably go with some mates and go to a few shops, won’t be queuing, will just go in the afternoon and flip through the racks, not interested in any of the RSD exclusives. Just make it like a normal trip to the record shop, but there’ll be stuff on, there’s usually some home baking and free beer if you’re lucky. Some decent bands play too.

It’s a good day out.

[quote=“hanshotfirst, post:9, topic:12479”]
there’s usually some home baking and free beer[/quote]
This. I’ll stop at my local record shop like I do most weekends and there will probably be somebody playing and some free beers. Then I’ll buy the same records I would’ve bought anyway.

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Did anyone else read

“Berwick Street has amazing black men”


Just me?

Ok then.

Not sure if there are any Aberdeen shops with Record Shop Day exclusives since One Up closed. I remember about five years ago there was a queue up the stairs, through the shop and out the door. All I wanted was the Snowgoose LP which they didn’t have. I ended up buying some pointless Pains of Being Pure at Heart remix 12" which I already had the MP3s for just because I felt I should buy something to support the day.

The following year I went in several hours after it opened and found the Domino Flexi-zine and the James Yorkston spoken word 10", both of which I assumed would sell out, were sitting in the “leftovers” box. The staff looked knackered - probably sick of saying over and over and over, “No, we didn’t get any Arctic Monkeys 7-inches”.

Is the Cavern record shop still open in Aberdeen, on Belmont Street? I know they probably don’t do RSD but I love that place!

I’m not actually sure. I haven’t been in there for years but don’t remember anyone ever saying it had shut. I must go and have a look.

There’s a new bar / record shop called Spin down near the Lemon Tree which is really good. The records are reassuringly expensive (but then they were in the Cavern too) but they have some really good stuff.

and Oxfam on Back Wynd is also a great place to find the odd recorded gem.

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Never bothered as I regularly use them anyway. Article above is an interesting perspective from a record store owner who now dislikes it.

Same point as most things - a mechanism for liberating idiots from their money.

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the official list is being announced Next Tuesday March 21st.

Fuck everything about RSD.



The list is out, as am I.

Bowie :heavy_check_mark:
Prince :heavy_check_mark:
Sharon Jones :heavy_check_mark:
William Onyeabor :heavy_check_mark:

Absolutely shameless.