Record Store Day 2017

Really Shit Day more like


-Rush - Cygnus X-1 EP.

Every day is record store day!

Having said that, I probably won’t go. Certainly won’t queue up. Probably stroll in at 4 and buy a Slayer CD.

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Fucking bastard Flaming fucking Lips are releasing another fucking RSD record. Going to have to buy that.*

*Six months after RSD when my local shop haven’t shifted it and will flog it to me for half-price.

Just another day to be reminded how big a twat Peter Hook is


Well up for the animal collective release

30+ minutes of new live material recorded in Brazil, go on then

odd that no one’s linked it:

don’t think i’ve bought an RSD release since a 7" in 2013. there are always a couple of things i’m mildly interested in but unwilling to pay the ridiculous price. had a really good day last year though as a record shop in town put together a great instore gig all day, so hoping for a repeat of that.

I do like the idea of it - getting people to independent stores on a special day etc (though most of us go plenty already) with special instore performances etc - plus it draws attention to independent retailers

BUT the whole special unique releases are usually pretty lukewarm (woah ho! Kasabian 10"!) - and the gouging that goes on ebay and the like straight away really irks me

I’ve seen both the Manics and Placebo have said they are releasing records for the day, but neither of them are on the official list.

I think some people get confused about the purpose of record store day. It’s literally just a cash grab for record stores with the intention of some of the people going being repeat customers. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s essentially just limited edition releases by mainstream artists

Saw the Manics one on the list. It’s a 12" single of Your Love Alone. 10th Anniversary or sutin.

It’s also a cash grab for eBay mercenaries.

Ah, ok. I couldn’t see on the pdf lost that is on the RSD website.

The problem with that is that its such a horrible experience. Queueing up outside in the rain for 2 hours, cramped inside so you can’t move around and peruse, the store you go to never got in what you wanted because it was a super limited release and the store only has Little Mix picture discs left for 5 times the price you would pay any other day.

Probably ask my local store to order in The Heads reissue but thats about it.

Local shop has a good policy of if you’re a regular he’ll try and order you what you want from the list but otherwise doesn’t bother.

It’s more of a cash grab for the labels not the stores, as the price is so high originally that in my experience they can only add a little mark up to keep it approaching anything like a decent price.

Luckily for stores and labels there are a lot of idiots around willing to pay stupid money for stupid records - you just have to see the hmv vinyl section to realise that.

Just looked through the entire list. Pretty meh. Laura Marling live would be good for fans. Though I don’t know enough to know if it’s already been out. Sugar - Copper Blue repress with a live show seems nice, but again, I think the concert has been done before going by comments on other places.

Ta, I might have a quick look into Spin in Aberdeen to see if they have that Copper Blue release. I only ever had it on CD and it deserves to be bought on record.

Yep. I relistened to that and Beaster recently for the first time in a long, long time. Hold up really well to be honest. I loved them both at the time, and sometimes going back is a little disappointing.

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I’d be interested in hearing this

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