Record Store Day 2017



only want the Cabbage LP, it was supposed to be out last month but I guess they’ve delayed the release to coincide with RSD :-/
Hope it doesn’t sell out but I ain’t breaking with tradition of shunning RSD



Quite fancy the Evan Dando album. That’s a lovely record…


yeah, sounds a bit shit


hot take: david bowie ruins that song


Never been a fan of re-issues anyway. Best to search out the original Fire releases.


Probe Records here in Liverpool has a queue half a mile long so I went the Jacaranda instead, a pub with a record store on the top floor. They had three floors of vinyl so i picked up the Animal Collective EP and that Syran Orchestra album with Albarn, Paul Weller and Julia Holter on it.


i would love to hear that Bowie live album; they’re the exact recording/s i’ve always wanted to see released. daft they didn’t stick them on one of the endless the recent reissues but i’m guessing they’ll be attached to the next Diamond Dogs or Young Americans reissue.


Disappointing year for me – decided to avoid Leeds city centre, as the queues were unbelievable. Last year I went to Norman Records, which is in the middle of an industrial estate off the motorway, and managed to get everything I wanted, but they weren’t allowed to take part this year – as they technically aren’t a record shop.
Decided on The Record Cafe in Bradford – got there about 7:30am and was 33rd in the line. Soon as I got in the shop I could see I was going to miss out as they hardly had anything! One, at best two copies, of stuff. They listed everything they had (which was impressive) beforehand, but not how many copies!
So I missed out on The Cure albums, the Manics and Placebo/Bowie 12″s – which all sold straight away. Got the Madonna 12″, and a friend managed to pick up The Smiths 7″ for me – but all in all, bit rubbish this year.


bet that delay seems like it might’ve been a bit of a bad idea, in retrospect


The amount of records now listed on eBay, and the costs attached to them, actually makes a mockery of the entire thing.


Same old sniff every year. Wait a few months on stuff like this and they’ll be regular priced or better yet the stuff will get a repress like how Radio head did with the Butcher 12". Still sickening.
For the second year in a row I didn’t show up til noon as I had no absolute must haves. Got everything I was after and no queues or crowds to really struggle with. Seeing some reports of people queueing for 2 DAYS in USA - fuck that!


Didn’t know the jac had a record shop up top! Pal was helping out at probe, has been mega busy


Indeed. Didn’t stop the shop I went to selling all 6 of their copies by 9am though


Well I had fun. Got the Bowie 3xLP live album, the Laura Marling live album and the Cribs MNWNW reissue. Then we went for a fry up and I had a big sleep. Now my turntable seems to have broken. I hope you all find happiness in your lives


Yeah I’ve been to Norman Records the last few years - hassle free service.

Didn’t bother this year, partly due to not much I was interested in, partly because Norman made it so easy and I couldn’t be bothered with the cluster-fuck of somewhere else. Shame!


Called into VoxBox and Assai Records and got Flaming Lips, Lou Reed and Blackstreet. Was after Placebo, Toto and SFA too but couldn’t find them anywhere. Not bad going all the same!


Did that get a repress? Never knew that. I remember being disappointed I slept in and missed out on it but they ended up putting them out as a free download for anyone who’d bought TKOL so didn’t really care anymore


Went along around half four. Had two beers. Bought the Actress album and the Radian album.

There was a guy cutting live acetates.


Yep a few months later I believe - no idea how many were pressed but remember a lot of people being very glad to get it.