Record Store Day 2018

I haven’t bothered queuing early for a few years now but there are 2 records I really want this year. They are both a little bit obscure and out of all the central-ish London stores, only RT is stocking both. I’ve only ever queued early at Phonica and Flashback in the past.

Does RT East or West have the shorter queues and what time should I aim to get there?
I want the Dream Syndicate and Richard Youngs btw.


I know that overpriced reissues are what’s wrong with the whole idea, but I really want a copy of Fucked Up Inside by Spiritualized.

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Nether of the things I’m after are reissues. The RY lp is a new album and the DS consists of studio out-takes and live recordings.

The 2011 Twin Fantasy is out on vinyl for it this year, which would b cool :slight_smile:

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Looks like the TAD release is US only :frowning_face:

I doubt I’ll go in, might have a look at what’s left over on Monday.

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Went into the local shop today but not going to RSD this year (got other plans), couple of things I’d like (Snapped Ankles) but not gonna sweat it if they’re sold out.

Shit like this turns me right off the whole thing

I’ve been waiting a month to spend a record token I got for my birthday (yes, the local record shop in Aberdeen still does these) so I’m going shopping anyway.

Don’t really like Record Shop Day. I remember having to stand in line just to get into One Up one year because people were going up to the counter and reeling off hundreds of records they wanted from the full list, none of which they had.

If either Aberdeen record shop has the Snapped Ankles EP or the Carter USM spotty vinyl re-issue then I’ll buy 'em, but not bothered much.

RSD trip? i’d rather have a bad LSD trip.


Putting cynicism and the flaws of RSD to one side for a bit…

Anyone been out to this today then?
How was it?
Get everything you were after?
Photos welcomed.

Not even been near a record shop today in the end up, unusually. Worked out that I haven’t bought an RSD release in 5 years though* - there’s always a couple of interesting things but they’re always a bit expensive for me and don’t really seem worth it anymore. Over the last couple of years I did enjoy going to see bands play in shops though and drinking cans and having a grand aul time, but the 2 participating shops in Belfast have closed down since last year which is a shame.

There’s lots happening in Bangor this year instead which I was gonna check out (nice day for a trip to a seaside town as well) but ended up just coming down to my parents’ house today for late birthday pints later. Derry’s record shop on the way was an option but too much extra faff.

*(on the day at least - I did buy an RSD 2016 7" in a closing down sale a few months ago)

I don’t buy vinyls

Was kinda interested in the Girls Names comp but didn’t seem to be stocked here ironically enough.

Just give it until October a lot of them will have dropped below purchased price and buy then.

Skipped this year as there’s only one thing I wanted and it hopefully won’t have sold through everywhere today - will have a look online over the next few days to see if spare stock appears. My experience at RTW last year was alright (as opposed to previous experiences at RTE) but I thought the list/prices were overall probably the least appealling for me to date.

I hate what it has become…i.e. millions of re-releases you can probably still find in a charity shop down the road. But every year I buy a couple. I never queue on the day. Hopefully pick up the wolf alice remixes and Taylor Swift 1989

Laminate man are you?

I support record stores at any time of the year by checking in when I’m in the vicinity to see if anything takes my fancy, and by generally checking the availability of CDs I want in local physical record shops first, if I think there’s a chance they’ll have it, rather than going online.

I see no reason these days for me to specifically attend RSD. In the past some stores have featured in-store appearances by well-known local acts - Dom Mariani comes to mind - but they don’t seem to do that anymore.

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I went down to Soho at about 2pm for a look around. Desperately wanted the Erased Tapes box set until I found out it was £100. Picked up a copy of the Mogwai LP at Sounds of the Universe because a) I could get in without queuing, and b) it wasn’t outrageously expensive. Fancied the Fleet Foxes 7" but fuck paying £13 for a 45.

Really hate the whole queuing up and ticking things off of a list part of the day. I love going into Phonica and Sister Ray for a browse, anyone who only visits them on RSD gets absolutely no impression of what these places are actually like.


I only need In/Casino/Out and I’ll have all of At the Drive-In’s back catalogue on astroturf


Yeah, I think I’ll wait for Erased Tapes to do a CD version for £20, thanks.