Record Store Day (rolling)

Enjoy your Baby Shark 7” guys!

Fugazi / s t a r g a z e thing looks interesting tbf

Feel a bit sorry for Fall fans this year - 8 releases. One being a 7" box set.
Bowie fans look to be getting a below average fleecing of 3 LPs.

Absolutely in awe of Ace of Base reissuing The Sign and this being the cover




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Kind of interested to know what FSOL’s ‘Yage 2019’ is going to be. Really enjoyed their re-imagined ‘My Kingdom’ from last year.

Ghost World OST, Jeff Buckley and possibly Rush (I already own a Picture Disc of Hemispheres).

the others: Pink Floyd, Yes, Jethro Tull, Peter Gabriel might be worth getting depending on budget.

The wife wants Bird and the Bee.

I want that Robyn Body Talk LP … those Weezer ones (Teal on teal, Dusty Gems), that Prefab Sprout acoustic Steve McQueen and if I’m there, that Gorillaz - The Fall.

I’m normally completely allergic to RSD, but that acoustic version of Steve McQueen is so gorgeous (it was released a few years ago as the second disc of the CD reissue) that I would really love a vinyl copy.

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Might get the Broken Social Scene 10"!

Replied in the wrong place

I’m on the pots and pans for a few of these tracks :sunglasses:


Was thinking about the Ghost World soundtrack in the context of the Pitchfork 50 best soundtracks posted on the boards. Might see if I can get it if it isn’t stupid money.

South Park soundtrack is £75.
For a South Park soundtrack.

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Frank Black albums are insane money on discogs and I’m kind of fond of them but probably won’t bother as they aren’t really much more than a nostalgia listen for me.

For info for people (like me) without a local record store hhv had rsd stuff up last year just after midnight (I got the mogwai record).

It is good!


Cd is probably 50p.

Aye I get a chuckle out of the song ‘Uncle Fucker’ as much as the next man but £75 is madness.
The cd is definitely charity shop fodder.
Chef Aid is better anyway :wink:

Every year I have to remind myself not to buy into the insanity and that much of what I’m after will probably get a full release later in the year (albeit in a pared down form in a lot of cases). That said, I’m already stressing out about getting my hands on:

Pearl Jam - live at Easy Street
Weezer - Dust Gems
Bingo Hand Job
The Crow OST

Also quite fancy the Madonna True Blue EP even though I could probably get a battered old copy on Disocgs for pennies (Haven’t checked).

WOAH! :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: guess that’s me queing up from 6am then.

(This is where someone tells me it’s readily available on discogs)

Will also be all in for the Lost in Translation OST.


I mean, readily available depends on how much you’re willing to spend…