Record Store Day (rolling)

Not a great list, but will try and pick up those oneohtrix reissues

Oh Sees live album & Gun Club 7” are of interest. Maybe the Dirty Three and Bobbie Gentry albums.

Ocean songs piqued my interest too, although saw it was on FOUR lp. Think it was on someone’s holy grail list. Maybe @Scagden ?


Oooo yeah that’s my number one would love on vinyl! Thanks for remembering!


I’d actually really like the Harold & Maude soundtrack. Only previous pressing goes for about £500 on Discogs.

Can’t see this on the list, am I blind?

Think I put up the American one:

The only must buy there for me is the Sisters radio sessions set.

Warpaint x Weatherall could be an interesting listen, and Donny Hathaway Live is among the greatest records of the last sixty years (but I already have a CD, so can I really justify thirty quid on a vinyl version?)

You’re throwing 50% of the whole ethos of RSD into question there. If you start questioning whether you really need a picture disc the whole game is up.


It’s on the UK list.

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oof, £43.99 :confused:

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Going to hold out for the scratch and sniff version, really feel that I’m in that small club

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Only thing I want is the Ariana Grande live 3xLP, and that’s listed as RSD ‘first’ release. Which means I should be able to pick it up later.

Has anyone worked put if this is in person or online again? Cba queuing at Piccadilly Records rather wait 6 months and get what I want from some flipper who is selling them at cost.

Surprisingly a few bits I’m interested in this year - Kling Klang, Dirty Three, Replacements, that Motley Crue cassette box set (don’t @ me).

Difficult to say. I don’t think Banquet have been open in person for over a year, but the road map has things nearly fully open by then.

The lack of information on Piccadilly Records website this morning suggests to be determined for them. Guess they’ll decide after the lifting of the May restrictions to see what to do.

No way record stores will be open in most of Europe so presumably places like hhv will have stuff online. I think they did in 2020 but didn’t really take any notice tbh.

Just realised we will be at the in-laws so I checked the always excellent drift who seem to have more of a plan which might be the same throughout at least England: