Record Store Day this Saturday!

The annual ‘over-priced but can’t resist’ day for records is upon us this weekend.

I’ll be in the queue for Rough Trade in Notts.

What are people planning on picking up?

Haven’t bought a new RSD release on the day in years - sometimes buy them a year or two later when the price has been reduced. Absolutely no way I’d queue up for anything either.

Could be tempted by the Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert live album if it’s not too pricey but we’ll see.

More excited about checking out the new Strange Victory record shop in Belfast that day. Gonna be in Derry later in the day and I’ve seen that one of the shops there (Abbazappa) is putting a sale on that day so I’ll see if there are any non RSD bargains to be had

Plastic Wax in Bristol aren’t doing it as they mainly handle second hand stuff. They are doing 20% off to make up for it (and as a bit of a dig to how overblown the day has become), so will pay a visit for old time’s sake. I have picked up so many bargains in that place over the years, getting on for 20 years now.

Cool Discs still on the go?
Great wee shop!
Couldnt be arsed queuing this year so probably go into Bangor later in the day for a snoop, maybe get some food and theres bands in the Hop House all day as part of RSD.
Really want to check out SV but might do that in a few weeks for me birthday treat!
I’d like the Aidan & RM myself and a few other bits.
Crazy how fast some prices dropped last years. Got the National live LP and the Jeff Buckley boxset at half price the week after RSD.

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Used to be a queuer upper but interest has definitely waned over the years. Last year I strolled around at midday and got four or five things I was after so I might do that again.

I’ve got some DIY to do instead.

Building some Kallax shelves to store all your RSD purchases?


Shit day for cunts


That’s the spirit :roll_eyes:

7" Picture Disc - £17.99


I just knew that this thread would be full of people saying what a terrible idea it is. If it really was so bad, surely the record shops wouldn’t get involved?

Anyway, I plan to pick up:
808 State / Four Sides of
Saint Etienne / Saturday Boy
The Beloved / Your Love Takes Me Higher
Moules Frites / I Should Care (10")
Unloved / Heartbreak Instrumentals
Psyché France 5 - 1960-1970

I thought about the Durutti Column / Obey the Time 2xLP, but there’s a 3xCD coming out too, so I’ll buy that. There’s also the Sigur Ros releases, but I’d like to listen to them / read some reviews first

yeah Cool Discs is still going, i’ll call in as i always do but i don’t think i’ve bought anything in there in a while now, they’re always a bit at the pricier end of the scale i find, though i still enjoy going in for a snoop

probably would have nipped out to Bangor for the record fair and the New Pagans set if i didn’t have plans in Derry, but it’s worked out alright.

that’s pretty good, i got the Girls Names comp from last year’s RSD for £9 in Bending Sound a few weeks ago

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Are New Pagans any cop? Malojian is playing and he’s a good lad.
There’s a big sale on in Bending Sound at the minute too but haven’t been into Bangor in ages and will hardly have time/space to check it this weekend.
SV should get some pretty great instores I’m thinking and get tix to the gigs in the shop etc. When Sick first opened Darren worked there for a bit so he’ll have a good idea of what he’s at.

I live in Amsterdam and I don’t know how big it will be here, have work till 3 on Saturday so I might pop down to somewhere after the rush.

Do wuite fancy the new Julien Baker single to be honest.

Tbf the record industry has behaved in a way that has made a day that’s meant to be a celebration into a shit day for cunts.

I, and many others, feel the same way as Jordan

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Because record shops like money. I don’t like queuing up in the cold for 6 hours to spend £50 on a Radiohead LP and loads of people don’t.

Some people like it. But some people like melon. Humanity is strange and willing to put up with so much shit.

I’d legit rather not take part but I’m a stupid completist idiot when it comes to some bands, so if any of them release something on RSD then I’m stuffed.

This year it’s the Pearl Jam live album and the Weezer b-sides record. Then I figure that if I’m going to queue for them, I maight as well pick up a couple of other things, so I’ve also got my eye on the Lost In Translation and The Crow soundtracks… :-/

they’re alright, i liked their first couple of singles a lot, bit rougher round the edges than Cahir’s previous bands, though i think some of the more recent stuff i’ve heard has been drifting back to Fighting With Wire sort of territory which doesn’t interest me quite as much. haven’t caught them live in a little while now though.

i haven’t got all that into Malojian but i got a ticket for Jason Lytle in the end up so i’ll see him there.

yeah i went out to the Bending Sound sale a few weeks ago hoping to pick up one or two records and came away with 4, and could have easily added a couple more to that. i’m not a massive vinyl guy so getting me to pick up 4 at once is an achievement, only came to £42.

didn’t realise Darren worked in Sick, wasn’t he involved with Dragon Records at the beginning too? i see Jeff’s involved in SV too, good to have people with experience though i hope they don’t overstretch themselves with both.

Was thinking about getting the new Broken Social Scene but it’s £26.99 apparently, which is… more than I’m willing to pay.

i found RSD quite exciting for the first couple of years that i had a participating indie near me, i wasn’t a queuer upper but i would get there relatively early and look for something nice to come home with. the novelty started to wear off after a couple of years though as the prices seemed to go up and up. i remember walking into town for it one afternoon, getting the shop and finding it just uncomfortably crowded and full of overly expensive reissues and just almost immediately leaving again.

there were a couple of years there before it closed down where Sick Records in Belfast put on great instores for it so even though I wouldn’t buy anything i’d have a nice time watching bands and drinking cans in the shop all day, which was a lovely day out.

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