Record Store Day this Saturday!

VoxBox in Edinburgh always does a day of music in a local bar, that’s usually fun.

One year Scott from Frightened Rabbit was playing but it was far too busy so he just played in the street. That was properly great.

(Not pictured: a cat in an upstairs window that was fascinated with what was going on)


Aw Dublin can be great for this as well. A few years ago it was an absolute belter of a day and The Rage had a marquee set up outside with bands playing and we sat around all day drinking cans, it was glorious.

it’s good for shops i think in that it gets people in the door spending money. i’m sure the RSD rush helps sustain a lot of shops’ existence which i guess is what it’s for.

it’s small labels i usually see complaining about it, apparently it’s hard to get any records pressed up at certain times of the year because the RSD stuff creates a huge backlog at the pressing plants.

also reckon it’s gotten far too expensive for consumers, when you compare the price of a reissue released on RSD compared to one released in, say, September. also think it’s become a bit overly saturated with reissues when it used to be more about interesting exclusive releases.

on balance i reckon it’s a positive thing and must generate a lot of necessary cash but it’s just not really for me anymore.

Don’t queue up in the cold for 6 hours to spend £50 on a Radiohead LP then.


ah i remember The Rage having a decent instore lineup a few years ago but i didn’t make it down. i happened to be in Dublin for it one year where Little Gem had taken over a bigger building for the day with bands playing downstairs, which was pretty cool but i couldn’t stay long.

couple of bands playing Bangor for it this year as mentioned above though i won’t make it out, think the shop i’m heading to in Derry has some bands on too but i’ve no idea who


What are the best record shops in Belfast? Going to be there for a few days later this week (including Saturday and it doesn’t seem like any Belfast shops are participating in RSD).

Probably pop into Piccadilly Records and pick up something then if there is anything I really want. Did notice the Otis Redding Live at Monterey wouldn’t mind that.

Also there is surely a joke to be made avout the Mighty Boosh being the UK ambassadors for it.

yeah the participating indies (Sick and Head) both closed down in the last couple of years unfortunately.

Strange Victory is opening its doors on Saturday as mentioned, probably can’t take part this year as they’re just opening but they should have some great stock i’d imagine - run by and sharing a name with the best promoter in Belfast (putting on Oh Sees and Twilight Sad in the next few months for example)

Dragon Records is a great second hand shop. lots of interesting stuff in stock you’d be into, plenty of Fall, Bowie etc. also has a big stock of old 7"s.

there’s a new second hand shop called Voodoo Soup just opened recently, stock was shite when i called in but their instagram suggests they’re getting some better stock in gradually.

there’s one called Belfast Underground Records which is fairly specialist to dance music, looks like a great place if you’re into that but their non-dance stock is fairly dire.

if you have time to call out to Bangor (about half an hour on the train, £6 return at off peak times) then Bending Sound is worth a visit, will be participating in RSD and are in the middle of a v good sale. small shop but pretty good, and there’s also a record fair happening nearby there for Saturday too.


All for the record stores making a killing on RSD, My local (Davids music in Letchworth) probably make more on RSD as they do in some entire months, but it has come at a huge cost for some small labels. I know a couple of people who run small labels who have had to wait up to 6 months for their releases to be pressed due to the one vinyl factory in europe spending all their time pressing up Hawkwind reissues for RSD.
Meant that some of their bands have played album launch gigs without actually having the album available as the delivery date is put back at the last minute.
Will probably go anyway, turn up at midday to find the Bingo hand job lp is sold out, so will end up with said Hawkwind reissue.

Come to Bangor for Bending Sound and then into Belfast for Strange Victory.

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Thanks - not that bothered about RSD per se (it’s shit) but was using it as an indicator of an indie record shop. If I get a chance I’ll check out Dragon and Strange Victory - looks like they are pretty central and close together. Not sure I can convince my family that going to Bangor to visit a record shop is a good use of our limited time in NI unfortunately!

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Enjoy it more when there is something I want, but not desperate for. I like spending a few hours having a nice chat about music with other people in the queue. The years I have been really set on one thing, only to see it being picked up by someone buying a massive pile of stuff it is frustrating. Would never spend more than £20 on something.

Also saw The Oreilles for free last year which was great.

Even though I am very negative about it (See other thread) I usually get caught up and buy something. But I genuinely have no idea what is coming out…which is probably for the best.

yes I’m looking forward to being out and about outside the stores in the Post-April Blizzard conditions in Minnesota, lol.

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I’m not going to. That’s my point.

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You forgot to tell him to wear a lanyard ffs!

Might make the trip down to Resident in Brighton. Might not.

Think theres a 6x7 reissue I’m after. Will probably trawl the London shops next week at lunchtimes to see if I can get a copy then. Next to no chance I’ll make the effort on Saturday.

Plugd Records in Cork reopened on RSD a few years back so they’ve had an anniversary party ever since. Always a cracking day, even if they don’t sell RSD stuff anymore.

Will pick up the Flaming Lips release six months after day for half price as usual. Have done this for years.


Anyone gonna buy a copy of the biggest single DiS ever released?