Recorder vs Ukelele


When I was at school we had to learn Recorder. Now all the kids are learning ukelele. Which is better?
I mean which would bring out the potential pop/rock musician?

  • Recorder
  • Ukelele

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Ukulele more likely to lead to first steps of songwriting. Recorder better for learning music theory and also sounds better


Reckon ukulele is more fun and that’s what is needed to keep kids interested


learning ukulele is a vital step towards soundtracking or starring in a terrible TV advert in the future


Playing a recorder that hundreds of lips have touched was grim, they sounded awful too. Kids can relate a bit more to the ukulele, I had no idea schools were teaching that. Might be hard to teach musical theory on it though. Plus surely the strings would easily get fucked and out of tune.


both are revolting


Ukulele’s are unfairly maligned, they can be misused but can also be lovely


It was all recorders when I were a lad, but my wee brother and his chums had an ocarina. Have we missed a step?


The Zelda effect


I bought my little lad a ukelele & he loves it. He’s got 3 chords down already & looks well cool playing it given that he’s only 6 :slight_smile:
Also his fave artist is Sufjan, he recently took the DJ’s mic at a family wedding and sang Chicago.
So, ukeleles it is then.


nice Ukulele songs subthread


Ah, but this was in around 1993. It did mean I knew what an ocarina was when that game came out though.


Good idea…


ukelele is a really good compromise for young kids & schools - small, light, cheap & easy to play. Great for learning chords and accompaniment

Not so good (but not impossible) for learning scales/melody but obviously melody can be learnt vocally while playing the ukelele

one drawback versus the recorder is that the recorder is really good for learning breathing/breath control and timing and so is an excellent tool for developing vocal technique - but there are others

the other big drawback with string instruments is tuning as others have mentioned but even that can be turned into a positive in teaching how to tune instruments & actual physical theories of sound; frequency, vibration, amplitude, harmonics, relative intervals etc