Records & CDs for sale (Discogs)

i’ve put some stuff up on Discogs - quite a bit of junk obviously but maybe some stuff of interest.

If you are interested in anything send me a DM via DIS and I’ll knock down the price 20% (or make me an offer for multiple items) and try my best to minimise post costs (which are unfortunately expensive in Italy).

Because post is expensive I’ve pretty much put everything on at the lowest end of the price scale for each item and all the vinyl LPs i’ve graded maximum as VG+ max even when pretty much pristine just because putting NM attracts weirdos who aren’t even happy when stuff is brand new and sealed.


So YOU’RE the other person who (currently) owns the crunt lp!

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Expecting a black Friday style rush any minute now.

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Here’s mine:


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Shameless bump 'cause I’ve added some ‘indie’ stuff - PJ Harvey, Tindersticks, Nick Cave, Radiohead etc

€100 for The Boatman’s Call!!

Ha, I think my version of It Still Moves is copy protected as well. Remember that? It didn’t last long did it.

yeah the few that are stupid prices are just ones where I don’t want dealers selling on.
If anyone wants one of those just make me an offer. Happy for Boatman’s Call or whatever to go to an actual fan at a reasonable price.