Records where the band gives you an instruction to TURN IT UP LOUD on the sleeve



Ziggy Stardust says “to be played at maximum volume” doesn’t it?


The bow meister general. He owes me 3 pairs of speakers and 4 pairs of headphones


Not even close but I really enjoy the sticker on the Blueprint that declares the contents as ‘Nothin’ but smashes!’


It is either a Shellac or Big Black LP (potentially both) which says “this album is supposed to be listened to on vinyl” or words to that effect.


Somewhat related but not really – The Grand Budapest Hotel has this at the beginning:

Because Wes wants you to notice the aspect ratio changes he went to the effort of putting in. To be fair it looks, and is, fantastic. Well done Wes. Wes.


Interesting. Amplifier fans what settings do you favour? I’m a big fan of 12 o clock on the treble 3 o clock on the bass.

Anyone remember graphic equilizers? Weren’t they fun? Especially the ones which looked twice as complex as they really were because two of the little sliders were always glued together.


Isnt that the kne where they ‘didnt use compression’ or whatever?


Aye, I swear I’ve read an interview where they said it was deliberate, think they were being interviewed by a person who had written an article rallying against compression and said it in there.


Yeah same, it was throughout the recording, not just at the mastering stage as well.


it says it on the CD version of Tweez by Slint, possibly Spiderland as well. i don’t remember seeing it on any Shellac or Big Black but wouldn’t be surprised.


I remember reading a large screed on Songs about Whoops-Mrs-Miggings-Where’s-My-Trousers! about how much Steve hated CDs and he’d done his best to abuse the master tapes before they sent them off to be turned into CDs or something. It was a while ago. He REALLY did not like CDs.

Ironically my vinyl version of the last Shellac album came with a CD included as well.


yeah same here, albeit unlabelled and just chucked into the package. i think all the Shellac albums do, maybe it’s an incentive to direct people towards the vinyl.

he popped up briefly on some BBC4 music documentary i was watching last year, where they got him to listen to a bit of an mp3 of Dude Incredible through standard Apple earphones or something and he said it was unrecognisable. It’s not really, Steve.


Not unrecognisable no, but it must be really irritating if you’re so absorbed and immersed in the whole sound design thing and you’re a complete perfectionist. If when people absorb your work in the real world the thing that you’ve laboured long and hard over sounds terrible I can see why that would be annoying.

I guess it would be like producing the world’s greatest beer for someone to make a shandy out of it. Or something. I’m not great at analogies.


this is the first Drive Like Jehu album


That’s the one. I knew Albini was involved anyway.


One of my favourite albums comes with a sticker on the front advising you to listen to it ‘while driving through tunnels in europe’. Quite like that.


Which album is that??


The apostrophe irritates me to high fuck.



it was yer man from Stylus, Nick Southall.

not gonna look for a link. probs on his blog; I think the Stylus archives are ducked :cry: