Records where the band gives you an instruction to TURN IT UP LOUD on the sleeve




I do like that album a lot (and I love to think of ‘noise purists’ frothing at the gills every time I put it on :slight_smile: )


I dont think noise purists really care tbh man


I can think of plenty of counterexamples to this.

For example, Nickelback.


On the assumption that I’m listening to things that I like…


How bout in the song title?


Head on the Door


I’ve read that it’s to get it sounding closer to the original mix before Scott Litt did his stuff

I leave the bass and treble flat. I’ve never bothered with graphic equalisers, too much hard work.



I feel every record you alive you , Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! must turn on the volume! Don’t you agree?


How about in the song title?


Wasnt Destruction of Small Ideas the album 65dos purposefully made a production that wasnt compressed much and had a wider dynamic range thus needing to be played louder then most albums post loudness war?

Really sensible to put it on. Because it will sound quite unless you do


I couldn’t possibly begin to know how to agree with this.


Rocket From The Crypt’s Cut Carefully and Play Loud EP, (this became the actual name of the EP due to it being a basic instruction on how to get at the vinyl!)


Skimmed the thread, don’t THINK this has been covered yet, but…

Which albums (apart from 65dos) could do with a PLEASE PLAY LOUD instruction?

Because that new Alice Coltrane reissue sounded pretty insubstantial before I absolutely blasted it out.