Recovering deleted WhatsApp messages - can anyone help please?


Basically I really need to get back some WhatsApp messages for… reasons.

Anywho, I thought they were safe on my old phone, but have now discovered that when I’ve connected to my internet and stuff they’d vanished. Really really really stupidly I didn’t back them up.

Is there any way to do this? I’ve tried to contact WhatsApp, I’ve tried a few programmes on my laptop with my old phone plugged in, no joy so far.

Any ideas please clever people?
Thanks in advance love you byyeeeee

Yeah it’s an iPhone, does that make a difference?

Did you ever run a backup/switch on the auto backup functionality in the past, or do you have access to the phone(s) on the other end of the relevant chat(s)?

As far as I can remember I don’t think so :frowning:

And haha definitely not and they will have also been deleted that end, I’m almost certain of it

Have you tried downloading and signing in to the desktop WhatsApp version to see if theyre available there? I don\t think this is likely to work but could be worth a shot

So, best bet I can think of would be if you took an iCloud or iTunes backup when you moved from previous to current phone. If so, wipe the old phone, restore from that last backup; the messages should still be there.

And back them up straight away if so.

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I have :frowning: thank you though!

Okey doke, I’ll try that later! Thank you :slight_smile:
Gonna try and find somewhere to get the other phone screen replaced just in case they’re on there

The other party has them.

Probably not what you wanted to hear.

But I hope this leads to you meeting up with them and trying to sneak into their phone to screenshot.