Recurring Dreams

Ever get these?

Sporadically get them where I am still at uni but Ive forgotten about my course. Never exams or work, just like ‘oh shit Im doing a degree arent I’

Its really quite dull


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Gabrielle’s original lyr-etc.

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get the one where you’re at uni about to take some exams but realize you haven’t been to any of the lectures and know nothing about the subject matter fairly regularly still.

also lots of plane crash dreams.


Never, ever had one. Or, rather, I’ve never remembered having one.

That said I remember about 1 dream a month or so. I’m really not a vivid dreamer.

The final scene from Dirty Dancing with me as Jennifer Grey and @whiterussian as Patrick Swayze.


yeah loads

missed my dissertation deadline (i graduated over 15 years ago)
trying to break through the lid of a box/ceiling/room/enclosure into rapturous light

yeah, my one is where I’m at school and I have my English A level to sit but haven’t had any lessons etc. I merked ma Eglush A LEVEl as well wiv an A!!
Also planes crashing into the ground when I’m walking around in my dreams. Cut it out!!

Yes, I don’t seem to have had it for a while. It’s obviously an anxiety dream :confused:

In it I’m still with my ex bf and initially it seems normal and fine and then suddenly it’ll dawn on me “OH MY GOD, I do not want to be with this person, they’re awful, where is (my current bf)?” :nauseated_face:

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I have ones similar to the one you mentioned. I have sporadic recurring dreams where I have to go back to school because of some weird A-Level coursework where the deadline is ten years or so after one has already left school. So I’m having to go back to school as an adult in my old classes to work on this coursework that I’d forgotten about for the past decade.


Yes I have this one!

It’s such a relief to wake and realise that I passed and I don’t ACTUALLY have to resit a module or whatever

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Oh fuck, I have very similar ones. I’m back in secondary school to resit my Leaving Certificate but I’m ten years older than everyone else. Absolutely terrifying dreams.

Always used to have dreams about having to walk home down a motorway. Now I’ve passed my driving test these seem to have been replaced by car-stress dreams

I used to have ones about exams or being late for public transport or getting on the wrong bus train or plane. These days my only one is where I’m looking at the gerbil tank and my gerbil(s) are in there but then some other mangy gerbils or mice appear that shouldn’t be in there and they’re fighting my gerbils and I’m so upset and I’m terrified that I’m going to be blamed for them being in there

No idea what the fuck it means.

I always find them eerily simultaneously comforting / discomforting; being in these rooms and with these people that were such a huge part of my life that (it doesn’t occur to me until I think about it) I haven’t actually been in / with frequently in almost a decade. The weather’s always kind of weirdly sunny as well.

I used to have a recurring dream where I found, bought or otherwise obtained a smutty magazine. There would then be a slightly frustrating routine where I’d try to find some ‘alone time’ with the magazine only to have old friends from school, work collegues, dead relatives etc. suddenly appear from nowhere to spoil my fun. Eventually I’d get some peace but, upon opening the pages, there’d be nothing but writing and no mucky pictures.

Every 18 months or so i get the same (ish) dream.
I’m in beautiful countryside on a single track dusty road, wheat fields or something similar on either side, clear blue sky and the sun is warming me as i walk.
Walking towards me are like an arfican tribe with white face/body paint, it’s like a neverending procession and nothing is said. Even though nothing has ever been said somehow i know that they are called the Why people.
Then i wake up. Ive been having this dream stretching back about 20 years.

I have a couple other that recur but they change somehwta all the time, the why people one is always the same.


When I aas about 3-6 I had two recurring dreams. In one my parents had been turned into daleks (had no idea what a dalek was at the time but must have seem them somewhere), and they were just there speaking to me and I was terrified. In the other I was in the waiting room at the doctors and my mum had turned onto a robot something like the one from Lost in Space and I really wanted her to change back.

Seemingly I had some inexplicable fear of my parents becoming robots* that haunted my dreams for years.

*yes, I am aware daleks are not robots, but to me at the time they were as far as I knew.

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