Recycling chat thread

Recycling is great, recycling chat is great. It’s not social media though :wink:

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Reminds me. I have some Romanian pizza boxes I need to put in the recycling bin.



Why are Romanians sending you pizza boxes?


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Nice and good but it’s pretty low ranking in terms of impact especially when so many people are all still driving around in our silly little cars. Think it’s probably got more to do with Europeans instinctively wanting to sort through and categorise their own rubbish tbh.

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How do they recycle juice cartons, like they go in with the cardboard, but they’re quite a lot plastic too yeah?

why have bottle banks disappeared?

online bottle banking


First grit bins, now bottle banks

saw plenty of grit bins in Stockport just now

well, a scattering hahaha


but the bottle banks, they are extinct

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No need when bottles are collected by the Council as part of the recycling collection I guess.

really need to take some stuff to the recycling centre/tip, but I don’t have a car

anyone managed it recently on bike? probably not, I guess


yeah, it’s a fucking joke isn’t it? really don’t believe there’s a valid reason

also: has anyone ever had any trouble leaving books with charity shops?

as in, would they ever turn someone away, etc

just worried that I’ll end up taking a heavy bag of books out and back again

Yeah, worth calling first to check if they’re taking donations - some places stop taking once they’ve met their quota for the day / week

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Assistance required

I’ve got a pair of wellies that are no good (holes/rips in the rubber) and I want to recycle them: where do I go? The bins local to me are for donating clothes and shoes that are usable; all I want is somewhere that will recycle the materials.

All reasonable suggestions gratefully received.