Recycling things with your name on

Do you

  • Bung your delivery boxes straight in the recycling with your name and address on like some sort of maverick badass (Balonz option)
  • Redact your name and address with a marker pen unlike a maverick badass (nebbie option)

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Could people please reveal why they redact?


If someone dives through my recycling bin on bin day when it’s sitting outside my house with my house number painted on it in massive letters then I don’t think it’s giving potential identity thiefs too much credit to suggest that they might be able to figure out where it came from.


@ me you coward


If your bin has your house number written on it in letters then you deserve to have all your belongings nicked.

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Watchdog ran an item on this. As an experiment they gained access to a property by presenting a locksmith with two discarded bits of mail with name and address details from the bins outside

That is why

I believe epimer has called his house Excalibur Cottage.


I’ve seen how easy it is to remove a front door from the frame if you really want to, I have absolutely no illusions that people can’t get into my house if they really want to.

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Ours all have our numbers on with a barcode because the council put the information there. So, if my shit gets nicked I’m taking your statement to Cardiff Council and letting them know that they need to get all my stuff back pronto, because Colin from the internet says it’s their responsibility

*Dr Excalibur Cottage

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First draft of Roy Batty’s valediction went straight in the bin.

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but they could do this to absolutely any property without needing to know what the occupants’ name is

I don’t understand this, but I am scared by it.

Don’t be scared, you’re providing me the rationale to get the council to reimburse me when my mugs get stolen!

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A couple of years ago I was a victim of credit fraud. Bank accounts, loans and credit cards taken out in my name.

I know it was more likely something leaked online but I don’t want to go through that again.

I tear the labels off and put them in the residual waste bin. If someone wants to rummage through a load of cat poo to find that kind of stuff then good luck to them really

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I mean, you can’t be too careful about Legal Name Fraud these days


I don’t think that counts as it is likely unsolicited mail and not proof of address

Our waste goes into communal bins on the street, and you’re supposed to put recycling in loose. So, yeah, no details.