Red Bull



Never drunk the drink but have always previously enjoyed the RBMA stuff


Are we gonna see any F1 or sports team sponsorship fall out from this d you think

Fuck capitalism


Red Bull gives you wing!


Dunno about F1 but the football teams are literally owned and bankrolled by them as opposed to being sponsored so I wouldn’t have thought so.


Ultra right wing*


I like that Red-Bull Leipzig are seen as the devil incarnate by other Bundesliga fans - I can get behind that.

And I have never liked the F1 team.

I think I had a Vodka & RB once, it was ghastly.

This news doesn’t really surprise me in the slightest.


Been rumours that they’ve got their eyes on Franchise FC as well, a marriage made in hell


Never seen anyone drink a Red Bull that I didn’t think was a massive weapon.


They’re welcome to each-other, quite honestly.


Well not me either really apart from it appearing seemingly 100% incompatible with Red Bull’s initiatives within music & specifically within the dance music culture - a real major force. There’s loads of people I know feeling totally conned that they’ve been involved an RBMA events and now this


Ah, that’s quite interesting… I don’t really know anything about their music & dance initiatives. I guess I can look at this from a detached point of view having never been involved with a RB sponsored / initiated event.


I’d be surprised if everyone running F1 wasn’t a fan of fascism TBH. They’re all ultra-rich, exactly the types who thought Mussolini and Hitler were good men prior to the war.


Aye, literally the whole point of F1 is a willy-waving contest between complete bastards


Well even if that were the case doesn’t this seem even beyond that? I mean this is essentially a straight up unreconstructed fascist billionaire owner of major sports, leisure & entertainment brands starting a propaganda organ masquerading as news to purposely spread a fascist doctrine

It’s quite…something


Am I allowed to bring up the Mosley connection or is that just really bad taste? (I actually have no idea about Max’s political leanings.)


great bunch of fucking dickheads


Huh. They’ve been a pretty important source of sponsorship in the climbing world in recent years. Hopefully some of the good folk will take a stand.


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