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so I recently got this on my Switch


If I’m playing a match online with randoms - are these people all Switch owners, or are they cross platform?

Who’s typing all these comments? Assume it’s people with PCs and keyboards? I’ve only seen fairly generic comments being used - is this cos I’m playing only fellow chilled out Switchers, as I definitely deserve to be called a nube


Also: “time to play the blame game!” mainly for when one of my opponents is unfairly kicking off at their team


I saved on replay that has me scoring 11 goals on a CPU team. And another that with 12 seconds to go, and down 4-5, I score three in a row from the kick off to win it.

Last night I hit a 9 minute OT game… that I lost. I don’t think I’ve been more fucking enraged in my entire life. Luckily, the switch seems to be a nicely robust bit of kit that can take my hand grip squeeze when I’m trying not to launch it across the fucking room.

  1. No. If it has a wee Mii avatar, its on Switch. If it says PSYNET, it’s PC or Xbox.
  2. The comments are brought up by pressing the direction D-buttons on the Left JoyCon. Like a tree effect, you get TEAM, REACTIONS, COMPLIMENTS, APOLOGIES. And for each it has four responses you can change in the menu. Additionally, you can press the - button (I think) and bring up the keyboard to do a full chat if you want. It’s a nightmare on the docked play, but surpsingly quick to tap when in portable mode on the screen.


Swears are starred out. “Christ” isn’t though, so I use that all the time.


Yes! Well up of some DiS matches.


Only played a little bit so far and fair to say I’m rubbish. Is matchmaking with Dis-ers straightforward then? Can you matchmake or have friends cross-platform?
Does PS4 not have crossplay then?

P.S. Someone has made a real life Mario Rocket League style car:


will do, i’m jontosh2001


Here’s my son (aged 3) scoring a funny goal


I mainly play rocket league split screen with my ten year old. We’re both terrible but we just about manage to win most games against the “rookie” level bots (mainly by scoring easy goals at kick off).

The idea of playing with actual grown ups who know what they are doing fills me with terror and dismay.


haha my son’s kick-off catchphrase is “i’m dead straight”, or “you’re dead straight daddy but can I get it?”

  1. Match making only works on the same platform at the moment. If you make a Private Match it can either be filled up with just Real Players or a full match filled with AI bots. If you’re on the same platform you can get a team of 4 players and just move between other matches. Guys in Parties have a different symbol on their icon.
  2. No PS4 cross play with Xbox or Switch, only PC I believe. Sony’s decision apparently: https://www.polygon.com/e3/2017/6/13/15795376/rocket-league-cross-platform-playstation-4


My daughter’s energy is spent 10%playing the game and 90% arguing with me about whose “turn it is to score”. She’s still better than me tragically.



'Kid’s a natural. Also he’s already scored half as many turtle goals as I have in 140 hours.


Aye. It’s unbelievable how toxic chat is on Switch. Surprised Nintendo allow it to continue.


Sometimes I ponder the following conundrum :

The two types of game I hate are driving games and football games. Can’t stand either genre. And yet I love Rocket League, which is cars playing football. Can’t explain it.


Haha, no. I am somehow even worse!!


I play as a copper. Big blue van, cop hat, brutish.


Reported some (presumably) child for calling me the N word last night so hopefully the feds have battered his door down by now.


I have zero interest in football or cars, but put the two together…