🚗🚙 Rocket League Official Thread 🚗🚙


fucking love rocket league don’t i, im on the PS4 if anyone fancies a game.

hate those Trade? guys but was a breakout type S


Really? All I ever see is:

Nice goal!
I’ll get it!
Need anything from the shops?


I’m really bad at this+ i’m ps4. all the bad stuff


Dude they have rocket emojis where are they in yr title :rocket:




There are no space rockets in Rocket League.

It is cars.

Stop wading into threads you know nothing about. Jeez.


I am yet to play this online because I am really, really bad at it. Guess I’ll have to give it a go sometime.

On Steam, user ID is the same as here.


Mate they are rocket :rocket: cars :blue_car: not cars only so the title of your thread uses misleading emojis


Twas a follow on joke about why Sony won’t play with everyone else :slight_smile:


I think we should agree to disagree and let this play out on the pitch.

You’re still wrong though. :police_car:


I play this game on:

  • PS4
  • PC
  • XBOX
  • Switch

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One more match…


I’m really, truly terrible at RL.

I’ve played two games online so far and lost both. The second game my team lost 14 - 2. I did score one of our goals and make a couple of saves though.

At what point should I start getting matched with people as shit as me?


i would definitely make sure you play non-competitive then just stick with it.

also the training really helps.

he disparity between players’ levels is what makes some of the games rubbish


It doesn’t sound like you were the problem there then.


Well I definitely wasn’t part of the solution that’s for certain.


Oh cool, enough ps4 players for me to consider getting.


Think I’ve played 30-40 online games now, and I finally feel like I’m being matched with people of the same ability. When I started I was getting matched up with people who were miles better than me.


So the key is just to continue to get pummelled for a while until the algorithm recognises shitness levels?


Yeah, that’s how it’s worked for me!