🚗🚙 Rocket League Official Thread 🚗🚙


I don’t think getting spanked will make you any better. i also don’t think the algorithm is so specific that it can find exact match players.

seriously training and playing against cpu will give you more experience and time with the ball


I’ve spent some time on the training and won the CPU amateur and pro leagues In 2v2. Getting well and truly spanked by the computer on the all-stars league though. Will just keep plugging away!


yeah practice and persistence is key, you’ll soon find it’s you smashing other people 10-0 and even after what must be 5,000 games i still come up against people i can’t compete against.

the games where it’s closer are more fun.


Goal stealing bastards are the worst.


Jimmynicks84 on PS4 if anyone wants to add me for Rocket League-ing. I’m League One standard.


I’m gonna find out my name and play tonight at some point. I’m PS4 and terrible.


Got a question about the Competetive matches. After finding out about them only lat week, I tried my hand at them. It took me a while to figure out the UI and what to do, but I won three of them and stuff, but my rank didn’t increase and it says I still need 0.12 Wins to get ranked.

I am at a loss as to what I need to do to get ranked, whatever that means.


you’ve got to play 10 placement games, then it calculates what rank you are


…and keep playing reasonably often to maintain your ranking.


Kinda depends on the level you’re at. At the higher echelons, most folks (no all, mind) have seen enough ‘definite’ goals miraculously saved that it’s acceptable for someone to make absolutely sure of a goal by ‘stealing’ it. But yeah, when you’re playing against 12 year olds who are giving you all sorts of grief for their mistakes, it’s galling when someone nabs your points then beats you with that same stick for not having many points.



Anyone around?


Will be in five if you’re still on.


Sorry missed this. Off to bed…


No worries. Scored a hat trick in online! Probably a fluke but there’s a chance I may be improving!


Just played against someone with the name TEAM_ARE_NONCES.


Played a game with a guy called “S*!& is the ________ best” or something.


add me Kid_Jook on PS4. Probably won’t play this month but after that I’ll get back into it and I’m up for some group sessions


bemicu on ps4


Selling my ps4 copy of Rocket League just so I can get in on the Switch fun


Did maybe my best ever save yday.