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I had a couple of hours on with a mate last night. Neither of us had played in a couple of months and…christ. It was like we’d never played before. Went on a 9 game losing streak. He’s in platinum, I’m in gold, and we were just useless.

Then we played some doubles, where we’re unranked, and it matched us with some absolute n00bs and we cheered ourselves up by massacring them. I’m not proud. Though the one guy who responded to our 8th goal with, “you’re outrageous!” was a highlight.


can’t believe no one said what a save

btw love how it led straight to a goal too :ok_hand:t4:


Got one in the fallout from the post-goal chat eventually :wink:
But yeah, save into clear ball into assist - what a feeling! :ok_hand:


Made it to Silver III Division II last night, what ever that means. I think I should have got a lot more credit for completing a 3v3 match where the other two team mates rage-quit after we were 2-0 inside 40 seconds, and the final score was 13-1 (that’s RIGHT I fucking scored a goal).


I’ve noticed rage quitting doesn’t seem to be as much of a thing as I expected in general. Harsh that you had to handle that!


I think you get a 15 min penalty for doing it in a competitive match innit.


Ah, that’s a fair penalty. Almost exclusively played casual and haven’t noticed much of it going on there either which is pretty good.


In casual the game will slip in an AI player and then replace that AI player with a user player seamlessly. It’s pretty fucking amazing. Makes a lot of sense that can’t happen on the competitive games.


Ahhh… so that’s why I’ve occasionally joined a game a few seconds in. Makes sense.

Amazing really that Psyonix can do all this stuff multiplatform and EA couldn’t be bothered to do friend matching in FIFA on Switch.


Agreed. The system they have in the background is one of the best systems. And when it updates later this year with the cross platform party play, it’ll be so interesting. so neat. apparently, the backend that handles the switch stuff is the “new” system, known as PSYNET, and the others are still using the older stuff. though I can’t remember where I read that.


Oh dang, PSYNET is Psyonics’ network then. I always assumed the PSYNET label on the no avatar pictures on PC with stood for Play Station (something) Network.

I’m an idiot.




On the comp games you yourself don’t any penalty if you quit after one or more of your team quits, if you don’t feel like carrying on.


Oh for fucks sake. So I played 4.20 of a game I could’ve just left!? Hahahahah

Those other players must have been wondering what in the fuck is this guy doing?


Yeah I did the same the other day until the other team raged at me calling me a fool for not quitting (obviously they were slightly more impolite) :rofl:


yeah, just leave in competitive if your team abandons you, as they don’t get replaced like they do in casual. it’s also not fun for the other team to just batter a team of one


started playing on Switch last night and I’m pretty fucking abysmal. Ant tips for going from proper shite to merely mediocre are welcome


Well, I’m no expert BUT, here is what I’ve learned so far.

Don’t ball chase. Practise tight turns. You can do a forward flip to get momentum when you have no boost. Go for the ball or rival over boost. Get good at aerials asap - I haven’t and it’s costing me. Ensure one person always hangs back in general.


Also, just keep playing a lot!


do the practice drills. boring but give you a real good feel for timing/ hitting the ball.

play against the CPU at the most basic level till you start smashing them then increase their skill and repeat