🚗🚙 Rocket League Official Thread 🚗🚙


Problem I had with the basic CPU is it’s too easy to score from kick off.


ha didn’t think of that, maybe go up a level.

if you can score direct from kickoff you probably advanced beyond the very basic level


First thing I learnt to do :wink: but yes CPU games are useful in general.


playing on pc this afternoon if anyone fancies a private game or however it works


Damn, I’m not at home this weekend. I’d be well up for this if I was.


No probs I’ve gone to the pub now :sweat_smile:


A young friend of a pal is mad into this on Steam.

Looks fun. What’s this cross-platform chat?

If I get it via Steam can I only play against this lad and other Steam people, or will I be able to play against all the cool DiS Switch people too?

(In any case, I don’t have a controller. I presume using the keyboard is totally impractical and I’d need one. Which one?)


Yes if you get it on steam you can play in match making against xbox folk and switch folk, and if you create a private room you can play against each other without all that tedious mucking about in match making.

In future itll support cross platform parties meaning you and three mates can team up and go online into match making together but there’s no official eta for that.

Only caveat is that Sony isn’t letting ps4 go cross platform yet.

As for a controller, my mate swears by the xbox one controller on his pc. He has an xbox one mind so it wasn’t a big deal, but I believe that’s the most common one.


The wired 360 pad is really good and much cheaper than a Xbox One pad. I haven’t used the One pad though so I dunno if it’s worth the extra cash. Also it depends on whether you’re happy to be tethered to your PC or you’d prefer the freedom of wireless.


The One pad feels much nicer than the Xbox 360 pad and has an infinitely better Dpad

But the difference isn’t huge and if you want a more premium controller you should go for the Elite (but wait for revision 2 which is out soon) the Xbox One pad is one I’d only wholeheartedly recommend over the 360 one for PC gaming is if you own an Xbone or play a lot of games that work better with D Pads.

Also remember that PS4 and Switch controllers also work on PC - however button prompts are almost always tuned for Xbox controllers.


I’m still on bronze ranking having not played for a while. But I’ve just caned like 7 or 8 competitive wins in a row, and the counter still says 0/12 wins. What’s the deal there? Does it only start counting wins when you’re promoted to silver?


I think my ranking just isn’t good enough. Wub wub


I think those counters are for end of season rewards. You’ve probaby already won enough bronze games to earn the bronze rewards - to get the silver rewards you’ll need to not only rank up to silver but also win 12 matches up there.


Promoted to silver now! Cheers :slight_smile:


Is there any way to get keys without paying real money? I’ve got so many unopened crates taunting me.


think you can trade them, get keys by selling crates

every now and then they have a special promo season where you can earn decryptors which open crates. i must have about 60 unopened now. annoys me too.


having opened a load of crates I can confirm the chances of getting anything worthwhile are miniscule, you’re better off just trading them


How do you trade them? This whole loot box thing is very new to me.


rocket league exchange on reddit


Haha, I now have even less of a clue! Haha