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Just won a game of doubles. My team mate had a ping of 952. Then after the game had finished it told me I’d been kicked for being idle and now I’m banned for 5 mins for leaving a match.


Frustrating. As is when the game glitches and you score an easy goal, then…nothing happens, and you realise none of the other cars are moving. Followed being booted, or suddenly arriving back in the game stuck in a corner as your opponents score. Irk.


Made it passed the Bronze Season teir, so now working towards the next one. Can only progress if I’m ranked gold… But I’ve never been ranked gold. Ever. This’ll be fun.


They announced changes coming yesterday.


  • Cross platform parties will hit in the summer-ish
  • Switch is getting visual updates
  • Season 7 starts next week
  • A new Tournament mode is coming in the spring
  • New arenas as well



Took a quick break from work and I done this



Noice. That’s the exact kind of shot I’m really good at missing by miles and flopping harmlessly to the ground while the opponents score at the other end.


nice goal. still can’t get the hang of ballcam tbh. did you just keep practising with it? ever switch?



I switch loads between the two cameras during any given match depending on what I’m trying to do. e.g. If I’m trying to get back to defend while the ball is still near the opposition goal, I’ll use normal cam to set a rough line back to my goal, then flip to ball cam to keep an eye on the play, maybe switch back to regular cam to make sure I hit the big boost pick up. Or if I’m trying to blow up an attacker who is otherwise about to tap in a cross I would be on regular cam because my line is more important than the ball.

Used to be I couldn’t hit the ball flying on ball cam as it’s too many angles to be juggling mentally but loads of practice has put paid to that. My advice would be to start forcing yourself to use it, particularly in low pressure situations - e.g. when you’re casually making your way up or down the pitch - to get a feel for the steering (which is exactly the same but a different perspective). It totally opened up the game for me when I got the hang of it - it’s as useful in terms of your awareness as flying is useful for hitting the ball.


cheers. i’m pretty good without ballcam but feel like i’ve reached a limit now. i feel like it’s defiantly necessary in order to get your aerial game decent. on normal cam probably only make contact with the ball 25% of the time in the air.

might just stick to ballcam and try and relearn it over again