Red Cross stepping in to help NHS hospitals

Not normally overly political, but is anybody else completely shocked at the news the Red Cross volunteers are having to step in to help the NHS?
When you think of the Red Cross, you think of war-torn regions, refugees, humanitarian crisis etc. To think, in the day and age, this government is not intervening with additional funding, and instead allowing this to happen. The mind boggles…. What a disgrace Jeremy Hunt really is.

He’s a total pissflap



British Rail redux: take a remarkably efficient nationalised service, starve it of money until it breaks, open the doors for a new political ‘common sense’ of being saved by the free marketeers. This is just the logical progression of that trend.

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Just reading this.

My local hospital has had 2 ‘black alert’s’ in the past 6 weeks.

My nan is currently on a geriatric ward at an NHS hospital. When my dad visited, the lady next to my nan needed assistance to go for a wee. There were no nurses available to help her, despite my dad’s attempts to get someone’s attention, so this lady ended up grabbing a jug of water, emptying it over the floor (wetting my nan’s bed in the process) and going for a wee in the jug.


It’s baffling how we are supposed to be a world leader, with a great economy and there are foodbanks and scenes like this.

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means the complete opposite of what it used to eh

The silence from Corbyn is deafening.

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JAG, but i wrote this about my winter in the NHS…

thank you so much for sharing your story, and for being so open and honest regarding your experience and insight. Wishing you all the best for a full and quick recovery. Big fan of your urologist throwing shade at Armstrong. We have to do more to protect the NHS and show the compassion to the staff that they show to all of us.

Haha, yeh, that urologist was a right character. When he checked me over, there were no rubber gloves left in his office and he ran out into the hallway shouting ‘I NEED RUBBER GLOVES, STAT!’

Doctor seems pretty certain I’m at the end of treatment, just gotta have some scans this week.

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That was both a harrowing and a brilliant read. Hope everything works out for you.