Red Dead Redemption 2


i found a city! beyond the swamps. very industrial and smoggy.




Wfh today, so should be able to tuck in for an hour or two when I’m finished late afternoon/early evening before the TV gets home.

Really looking forward to getting into it more.




I caved and got it. Done the first chapter. Decent start so far. Not 100% on the controls such as the item/weapon wheels and the cores which seem a bit daft. Stupid question though - how do you open the compendium? It says to hold a button but I can’t make out what it’s supposed to be lol.


It’s the Options button (formerly ‘Start’). You have to press it when that notification pops up. If not then long-pressing it will take you to the map.


Game bully their employees into pushing that bullshit. You did the right thing


Went for a bath and it was the most sensual experience I’ve had since having children


I had a look at the ledger yesterday - nearly ALL Arthur deposits! Plus ive upgraded a few of the wagons

Bill’s got a couple of measly entries - where’s that prick Micah??

Sick of this camp of free loaders!


Came upon a house to the east in the night, heard some gang members having a drink before bed. Dialogue must of gone at least 4-5 minutes. I just sat outside and listened clutching my gun in case they came out. They all just passed out drunk in bed, felt bad robbing them so just rode away into the night. I am really loving the small moments I am stumbling into, like the dinosaur bones I found down a random hole.


Someone help me out with the mission mechanics please!

How do you see which missions are available to you? How do you swap between them? After I’ve completed a mission I get a thing telling me how well I’ve done it but I kind of want to see what missions involve before I stumble into them.

At the moment there are four yellow makers in the camp that I think correspond to missions, they’re on the map but there doesn’t seem to be any way to learn more about them or anything apart from actually doing them. I’m missing something obvious aren’t I?


i think that’s how you do them, like a real frontiersman (assuming they had ps4s). so you click on them in the map to plot a route and ride for them. you don’t “select” them as such. also look out for smoke from campfires, they signal random encounters i think.


Ok but how do I choose between them? How do I know which of the four to go for without any info apart from four yellow marks on a map?


Hold left on the D-pad?


ah i didn’t know this


Loving this at the moment. I’ve decided my character is decent but has a short fuse so when he’s pressed he goes full postal (which is costing me a fortune in bounty costs!) I’m also riding around on a horse with a red mohawk called Binky.

It really is the little incidental stuff that makes this game. I nearly lost it when I cam across a random cowboy at the side of the road who was having trouble shodding his horse, only to have it get agitated and kick him in the head. Naturally I got straight off my horse and robbed his still warm corpse.


Thank you!


i ran down his horse, lassoed it and sold it :smiling_imp:


wonder if you could’ve shot the horse before it kicked the man :thinking:


shoot the horse, kick the man, then rob the man and shoot the money :thinking: