Red Dead Redemption 2


I was too busy running around my room shouting “what just happened!!!” to see where the horse went.


Listening to the Giantbombcast this morning and they mentioned loads of little things that I haven’t come across yet / done yet.


spent far too long trying to find and shoot a fucking squirrel


I enjoyed Brad’s joyful glee with the game, always fun when he is enamored with something.


average saturday afternoon round my way pal


I saw the kkk rally in the woods! I ran to my horse to get some dynamite and was just about to kill them all when they set themselves on fire and ran off. I shot as many as I could and took photos.


The veered 2 deep into to spoiler territory but boy im excited to dig deeper, theyre gushing. Also Arthur is just a great character isnt he?


Bit confused on the mision where you need to take photos of 4 people

I have found black Belle, but where do I find the other photos to study and get locations of the other 3 poople


Guffawed a bit loud reading this on the morning commute!


Locations should show on the map as white patches (unless you stumbled across Belle by accident?).


Nope I spoke to the guy in the bar. Says I need to inspect photographs


Hmmmm. Don’t specifically remember looking at them, but if I did, I did it at the time he said to - have you checked your satchel to see if they’re in there?


Ill have a look but pretty sure I did


Wasn’t paying attention and rode my horse straight into a stage coach coming the other way.

Rip Geoff The Horse.


All together as a single item- can cycle through them, so assume hers was the first of the four.


Yep. You need to turn over each photograph as on the back it has the location. Then it appears on your map


Spot on ,cheers both


Fell off a water tower - WANTED!!

Just can’t stay out of trouble, all of my cash is heading to bounties


accidentally rode my horse into a tree. he didn’t die but the thud and the yelp from the horse were sickening haha


I’ve done this a dozen times at least.