Red Dead Redemption 2


fell off a small cliff with my horse and had to revive him. It was fucking terrifying!


amazed there isn’t a horse CPR mini game tbh :grinning:


I got a wanted/bounty because I turned around and bashed in to a guy on his horse and he fell off and died. Unbelievable. I’m just trying to pick flowers and pet dogs.


Finally get why everyone is shouting LENNNNY! in this thread


Love this game


Kind of annoying that if you go meet Javier in the Saloon in Valentine you get dragged into a fight you can’t avoid and then the townsfolk get all arsey with you when you win, despite not starting it.


You’ll never take me alive!


Also doesn’t help if you push the wrong button in the heat of the fight and end up choking the guy to death instead of just beating him up.


Is Arthur the best written and most likable Rockstar protagonist?

  • Lenny?!?!?!? (yes)
  • Lehhhhnnnyyyy?!?!?! (maybe)

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“You’ll never take me alive!!!”

  • They took me alive
  • Had to walk back to camp

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Have you seen my mate Gavin?


anyone managed to do the perfect rabbit and perfect squirrel challenge? It’s driving me insane


Best written - maybe (…probably… yeah.)

likeable - I reallly liked Franklin in GTA 5 tbh. But that migh also be a ‘spent more time playing that’ so far.


I don’t know about likable, my Arthur has knifed a fair few dogs in the process of robbing houses.


Accidentally started to strangle this dude the first time I saw him. Was only trying to get back on my horse… Not sure if that killed that quest line and if I’ll see him again.


I think they’ve made the controls so complex because accidentally doing stuff really kicks off the gameplay.

“I’ll be up to bed in a minute, i’ll just go for a quick ride and pick some herbs, hey there’s a guy i’ll wave to him, oh shit i’ve shot him, there’s a witness better kill him, now there’s 20 witnesses, arrrrggggghhh i’m wanted better leg it on the horse, oh no i’ve killed my horse by riding him into a wagon, best shoot everybody that’s after me, what do you mean it’s time for work!!!”


This is the only time I’ve done something like that in 30+ hours so far - so I think the controls are the best they can be for something so layered and deep with mechanics. There are only so many buttons on the controller like.

Even what happened to me was only because I was perfectly sandwiched between that fella and my horse and the button press decided to choke him rather than hop on Bojak.


He was a bit… murdery.


Shamelessly stolen from the Eurogamer forum but this article is pretty useful:


That’s really useful. I have a much more basic quandary… My satchel is pretty full and my horse cargo is mostly empty, is there any way of transferring /off loading from one to the other? I’m sure there must be but I can’t seem to find it.

I also don’t seem to have anywhere in my little wagon /tent where I can store stuff which seems odd as that’s usually the main point of a base in games like skyrim


Franklin? When? No more Murdery than Arthur?