Red Dead Redemption 2


This game really is a bizarre mix of the sublime and the ridiculous.

Had a beautiful ride in the countryside, encountered some beautiful hot springs and in the course of hunting a wolf a buck charged me and knocked me clean off my feet. Found the wolf and got savaged.

Then I helped a young maiden back to valentine and was rewarded with some good will from the people of valentine, some of them were reasonably pleasant. Others were still a bit hostile. Feeling perky I went to the saloon only to meet some guy ranting about shitting where he liked. Next thing I knew officer, he started beating me up so I lasooed and hogtied the twat and then I was wanted for kidnapping.

Bar was pretty cleared by then apart from one bloke who had his gun on me. I put mine away and he shot me.


finally managed to do the perfect squirrel and perfect rabbit.

Feel like I’m 2 days behind on the story now, but satisfying as fuck


Anyone else not arsed with the challenges?



Bit worried about Gavin TBH.


Only just started installing this now (been in Portugal for a week and bit) what are the general thoughts on the game?


It looks pretty
It can make your ps4 sound as if it is about to attempt take off
There’s loads to do
Characters and story and immersion generally are really well done
Controls are a huge faff at least initially
It’s really pretty





Well obviously LENNNNY!

LENNNNY! goes without saying.


i tracked down one of the outlaws but it was a pig farmer who made me shovel shit for the info i needed. after i literally blew his shit up he threw down on me, so i clipped him. then i killed the dead man’s livestock and burned his corpse. quite a psychopathic moment there, don’t know what came over me.


Been fishing. Need to start hunting. Done all 4 gunslingers
Robbing somewhere wasn’t what I was expecting so I died. Then i did it again didn’t die then the fuzz turned up and offed me


Can someone tell me what the three needs of the camp are. I bring them food but don’t know what the other two are. Nobodies complaining but I’d like them to be looked after.


there are 2 icons in my camp on the map that are greyed out but when i go to the corresponding spot nothing pops up to tell me what the icons means or what i need to do. one looks like a bullet but…yeah. infuriating.


Only annoying thing on the game ia how easily alerted the law are.

Currently enjoying the aaga of the family building the house near Valentine


Gold means good, white sufficient, red bad

It’s ammo, medicine and food

You buy the first two through the ledger and get the last by hunting and handing stuff into the chef dude

The ledger doesn’t open until you’ve done a certain mission


I’ve been feeding the camp quite a lot but haven’t done any of the others. Nobody moans though? Does it have an effect?


Only if it goes red I think. Everyone’s happy at my place with 2golds and a grey


I left it at photographing his corpse. You animal.


It’s quite a hostile environment and difficult not to kill people.

I checked out a column of smoke last night, found some loner’s camp, greeted him, he told me to piss off, I “defused”, he pulled a gun on me so I shot him in the face and looted him and his little camp.


i spent £65 paying off bounties mainly because I’ve accidentally rode into people with my horse


Bloody microtransactions