Red Dead Redemption 2


yeah same. this has happened twice now.


Apparently you can turn yourself in and sleep a night in jail to pay off a bounty… luckily haven’t caused much trouble (accidental or otherwise) yet.


do you lose any money you have or do you keep it?

I just tried to change my horse’s name to Vince Stables but it wasn’t allowed due to ‘profanity’?! wtf


I’m guessing this is what was flagged up with that name.


You lose the money so spend it or put it into camp funds


this is brilliant


ahh ok


Still can’t work out how to transfer stuff from satchel to horsey bag… Anyone?


YeahI did this last night, for small crimes therea an option to surrender


The Scunthorpe Problem.


Anyone made it to New Austin yet? Can’t wait to see how McFarlanes ranch and the surrounds look on the ps4


My horse Bareth Garry got hit by a train :cry:

Now riding my pre-order war horse whom I’ve named Wentworth. He’s a skittish bugger so not sure how he would have dealt with a war TBH.


Ah, my pre-order war horse is a female - I named her Tyrone.


Met an um… interesting… couple at a pig farm earlier. :grimacing:


I named my horse Bob and only later discovered she was female (had a bit of a mare there! )
Have decided that my Arthur is unusually and anachronistically ok with the concept of gender fluidity.
Does it say when you buy a horse what gender it is or are you just supposed to stare at the balls?


Happened upon a gruesome murder scene the other day. Head had a scroll in it. Body parts everywhere. What fun.


Quest that


Which one? The one on the bridge?


Just accidentally walked 15 mins to the shop and bought it. How long is the install time?


Really not that long. Maybe 45 mins to an hour depending on your broadband. Possibly less.