Red Dead Redemption 2


:sunglasses: Lovely stuff, can’t wait to play it




Got jumped in St. Denis and when fought back I ended up with a million coppers gunning me down - plus I’ve got a 35 dollar bounty out for me. So killing me is not enough, they want their pound of flesh too. Honestly, this country…


At chapter 3 now

So easy to get distracted though


Steve!!! This is a sad day.


Traveling circus stranger mission was an eyebrow raiser.


But hey, Gerry seems like a good sort.


finally got the lenny business. quite a night out that.


So these loners at those random campsites just really want to be left alone don’t they!

If they weren’t so rude they wouldn’t all wind up dead!!


red dead you might say


Just had a guy ride past me with a women tied up, shouting for help on the back of his horse. Chased him down and lassoed him off his horse, hog tied him then waded out to the middle of the river and dropped under the water. That’ll learn him!


He was probably an honourable bounty hunter bringing in a psychopathic female murderer.


had a 3 hour sesh just now. great stuff isn’t it. still not making much money but at least i finally killed me some klan.


Found a dead guy with a pig in a bridal dress next to him


Had planned to play a bunch of this today but the thinly veiled is rinsing the Witcher 3 again


I stumbled across some more KKK trying to put up a cross. It fell on two of them and the leader was left standing. Hogtied him and dropped him in a puddle but it was too shallow so he wriggled about coughing for ages and wouldn’t die. I watched him like that for about five minutes.
Stabbed him to death …


Buhludy hell.

Keep an eye on shyguy, it’s always the quiet ones.


Not stumbled across any Klan yet but was tempted to shoot that eugenics guy.


Anyone else kind of struggling with the shooting?

I’m fine in the big, scripted shootouts, but the moment I’m set upon by some random bandits there’s a 90% chance I’ll be flailing around like an idiot firing at nothing until they pick me off.


Its auto aim innit?