Red Dead Redemption 2




Dead eye is your friend.


Well yeah, it should be… unless I’ve accidentally screwed with the settings. Will need to check.

Never been this shit at shooting in a Rockstar game before.


How do you increase dead eye time limit? I get one use per sesh and then have to sleep before i can use it again.


Big Day out on the plains today

  • got beaten up by a bear
    -Stopped a kidnapping
  • foiled an attempted mugging (3 dead)
  • killed a legendary elk
  • me and my horse Brandiii fell off a cliff (it was actually just a hill with a rock on it) and I had to revive her. She’s ok now.


I let someone else play my game for 20 minutes and now i’ve got large bounties in multiple places


Found and killed an Ox. Soon aa I did bounty hunters came and surrounded and killed me. Lost the Ox bah


As famously sang about by Ludacris


Lenny wants a pocket watch. I have 5 and the game won’t let me give one to him the option is greyed out lol


also the game has greyed out loads of missions until i go do something in blackwater but every time i go there i get killed by bounty hunters lol


Just fell off a rock on my horse, it wouldn’t let me revive her so I had to kill her :(((


Smoke cigars/cigarettes - and nake/drink tonics


She’s got my saddle, etc - do I need to do anything there?

This is a nightmare.


second this, it’s a fiddly system. more than 2 gunmen and i’m dead. dead eye doesn’t help either - it auto paints and really quickly too, so im trying to select headshots and it paints 6 x’s on one guys leg and shoulder while the other 4 guys pop away at me.


Fuck sake, just won a shooting competition with a friendly but feisty Mexican. Walking away in giddy glory I got on his horse by mistake. Didn’t have the heart to gun him down so died instead.


Just came across a KKK meeting. Threw a stick of dynamite at them and killed them all in one go


This is the most dis red dead anecdote of all time


by which i mean i’m 30 years old and my senses are too dulled by time to play games properly


Item #37 in the “things Scagden doesn’t get how to do in red dead” series :dry clean your coat.

Got a huge blood splodge on my shoulder from lugging around a skinned deer. In any other game it would be gone by the next cut scene. Not red dead.


get a bath, go swimming or wait for it to rain