Red Dead Redemption 2


That’s your answer to everything!

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i’ve spent far too much time (and dollar) getting a deluxe bath experience.


As I’ve got you… How do I transfer stuff from my satchel to the saddle bags? Assuming I can? My satchel is full and the horse has loads of room, it’s frustrating.


You can’t do it apparently, also i can’t put my winter coat in my horse’s cargo but i should be able to, grr


i’m never going to play this game but i’m really enjoying all your stories about blowing up clansmen and accidentally killing everyone else


Been playing for aaaages and still not seen any KKK folk.


found more klan but they fucked my shit up this time. dead eye planted all 6 x’s on the leader’s waist, who ducked behind the cross as i fired. planted all my bullets in that and while i was reloading the rest of the klan just peppered me. now i’m on a revenge mission goddammit.


he beat me in the shooting bottles comp - but he did not beat me in the shooting human and robbing their corpse comp!


Don’t you just do it at Arthur’s camp? Go to the wardrobe at the end of his bed and choose which outfits you want to put on the horse.

Then while sitting on the horse you can change outfits if needed. Learnt this the hard way as Arthur nearly froze when i went back to the snow!


Dead eye changes the further you get into the story


So are you all far enough in yet to get a sense of where you’re at with this game? Trying to figure out if it’s a system seller and am none the wiser.

My Twitter feed is all over the shop with this.

Some say it’s like being in an incredible Netflix series for those who adore isolation and slow pace. A handful of people are saying the controls break the immersion Rockstar are striving for. Some say that the illusion of randomness and freedom fade as you figure out the system. A few people are loving the story and calling it the best game ever, and the closest thing to a movie masterpiece in gaming.

Where are you at?


I think it’s great but not as revolutionary as it was sold. I’m maybe 30% into the story and most of it is same old same old, but that’s probably as much to do with my open world game fatigue.

Once you’re past the first few hours the pace quickens. Mostly it feels like a re-skinned RDR 1 to me, honestly. It’s still damn good though.


I am definitely a mix of all of that

The ‘wheel’ with all of your items is seriously frustrating at times. Too many items to cycle around, especially when there is an urgency. And it is really touchy when you have to use the R2 and L2, while releasing another button! Found the fishing activity so annoying. Shooting is not too bad - I think progressing with ‘dead eye’ makes it probably too easy

Some of the side missions and encounters are just fluff I think, too many pointless ones so far. Though I think all the main missions I’ve done so far have been great, well written, rollicking good fun.

More I get into it the more ok I am with how violent my Arthur is - I really think the game pushes it on you, even when I try to be good I just end up in the shit, so fuck it shoot first!

All in, it really is a sight to behold just roaming around on the ol Yeehaw Skyrim though - really got to sink into the pace of it


The thing is, for all the amazing graphics/immersion etc it is still fundamentally a game utilising the same functionality that was developed for another game that’s now 17 years old (GTA 3). Even the bits around eating, and being able to greet people, trigger stranger missions etc were implemented in GTA San Andreas & Vice City. The ecosystem around it has grown up around the computing power available to it but in the end you still end up with a game where you’re given umpteen ways of interacting with the environment but a system that’s only then able to react in a set pattern of ways that become predictable over time. That’s primarily the reason those Assassins Creed games don’t excite me anymore - got half way through the second one before the facade fell away and it felt like a chore and it doesn’t seem like the new ones have deviated away from it enough to encourage me.

I wonder whether the future of game development is the using AI to broaden and change the way the environment reacts to you based on the way you play and the passage of time. But I suspect that kind of caper is already in the works.


That’s interesting. See that is why I didn’t overly love GTAV. Under the facade, the game was the same as those older games and I didn’t enjoy the driving as much as some racing games or the shooting as much as most shooters.

I thought this wasn’t like that, from the reviews?

It’s why BOTW blew me away, and Dark Souls is to a lesser extent. They give me a set of mechanics to own and I have to make my way through the world using them in varying ways to overcome it. I far prefer that.

Maybe this isn’t for me then. Ta all. Interesting to read all your thoughts.


I suppose I should add a couple of caveats and say that I have only played about 3.5 hours of RDR2 which is probably not sufficient to come to a decent conclusion, and that though it has been around for yonks I actually really like the GTA system - but I think it can jar when trying to come up with an attempt at an immersive narrative. I know i’ll still pile a bunch of hours into it just like GTAV - I can’t get enough of just running amok and testing the boundaries of what’s possible and that thrill of realising that the designers were already a step ahead of you.

I am playing BOTW simultaneously on the Switch and though i’ve now put about 60 hours into that i’m not really sure i’m actually having that much fun? It’s very strange. Think i prefer my open worlds to be a bit more ‘dense’ and with a bit more nudging on where to go/what to do.


I think it’s great. All the characters in camp have their own archs.
Side quests can be hit and miss but some have been great fun.
Coming across camps can go either way. Found one where they threatened to shoot me but I pressed to calm and the other guy told the guy threatening me to chill out and let me help them.
The main missions are all very go somewhere, shoot loads of people and escape. They’re good enough to not get boring


It’s obviously a development on what they’ve done before, but it’s really well refined - this is the first time they’ve released a game where I’m quite happy noodling around for literally hours without advancing the main storyline. Spent a lot of time yesterday just hunting, fishing and crafting. Oh, and accidentally killing people, like the butcher in Valentine who I shot in the face when I meant to sell him a deer carcass, and that guy who I accidentally threw off his horse and then had to kill as I couldn’t apologise. Those bits can be frustrating, but then Arthur’s a meaner character than I am, so it doesn’t hurt to have him take control once in a while and keep me from being a complete dullard.


As long as you are not expecting anything revolutionary, you’ll get a lot from it. It’s a great game but there is nothing revolutionary about it. Being unable to defuse situations without violence is very frustrating but I am thoroughly enjoying myself despite the, quite primitive, restrictions in what you can and can’t do, and the wonky conrols. It’s a bit like a really well made Hollywood blockbuster, in that you’re enjoying yourself despite knowing a well written novel will ultimately be more rewarding and innovatively crafted.

But engaging with thread has significantly improved my levels of enjoyment.


Found a lady locked up in an outhouse - not really sure what to do with her yet

Apparently adding a sketch of her in my journal is sufficient for now