Red Dead Redemption 2


Smoke her out.


Met this guy for the second time earlier. Failed to shoot a single bottle because I’m somehow the world’s worst cowboy.

Was strolling back to my horse when he shouted after me because I’d forgotten to pay him for the wager I’d lost. I turn around and head back to pay him - I might be an outlaw but a wager’s a wager. Sadly by that time he’s got his gun out and has started taking shots at me.

Now the carrion birds are well fed and his horse belongs to the stables in Valentine.




another convict begging me to release him, this time the sheriffs transporting him were set upon by o’driscolls. still not entirely sure if they were trying to free him or kill him. i clapped everyone bar the prisoner and went to interact with him. was met with a barrage of threats and insults. i threw a molotov at his cage and watched him burn alive, trapped and screaming. justice? no - red. dead. redemption. 2.


Walked by here today


so i spent about 3 hours playing last night, bumped into this guy so decided to do all 3 maps (turns out i don’t actually have access to fences yet but still, was fun)

one question… did you actually work out how to do it on your own? i used a walkthrough to tell me where each place was on the map - there is literally no way in hell i would ever have found the places otherwise…


and what is that place?


Rockstar North in Edinburgh, where they did a lot of the slave labour development for the game


I’ve done the first couple on myown, struggling to find which lake now - keen to just let it happen (will google soon)


fair play - i think i knew that having that extra cash would greatly improve my enjoyment of the game as i’m a bit more of a ‘casual’ gamer i guess


Still don’t have the trapper on my map despite Pearson mentioning it like 3 times!?

Also I need to learn to be more apprehensive when crossing rural bridges.


I need to find him as well, I have a legendary bear pelt just laying around the camp going mouldy.


south of the camp


there’s one in not new orleans. I fenced a load of jewellery there too, finally got to 200 dollars. immediately paid off all my bounties.


if you’re stuck for cash, there’s an abandoned town right near the camp site where you can find a gold bar

apparently there’s a glitch where it can keep respawning


I think mine showed up after doing the mission with (the old guy I can’t remember the name of) where you kill the bear, it’s in Saint Denis


Yeah I’ve dont that and all I can find is ‘Pearson tells you about it which marks it on your map’ I guess I just don’t have the map market but he’s there?


Yeah I’d read that - pulava to do from the look of it, but worth it? But tbh I figured that they might have already patched it?

Probably will do it like once for a boost but wouldn’t be as fun if I was just breezing through the game with a million dollars?


i spent half an hour yesterday riding around in cinematic mode


Used a guide to help me with the general location and tried to figure it out from the sketches when I got in the area.