Red Dead Redemption 2


Have spent absolutely ages ummhing and ahhing about getting this. I don’t think I will, at least not in the next few months as Smash is going to dominate my playtime, but reading this thread feels like a perfectly decent proxy.


Should of got to Chapter 3 quicker…the camp is in a much better place in the world I think and makes going out and around the map a lot better. Plus the trapper and fence are fairly close. Still enjoying this game, going to take me months to get through and I love that.


Press Square on your map to bring up the index and hes on there. You may need to visit the town before it appears thougg


Tried that and it wasn’t, but might be because I’ve not ‘uncovered’ that part of the map yet? Thought I would have though, and other stuff has shown up before. Whatever, I’ll find it.


All this talk about the trapper, butcher and fence is fascinating to me as i’m deep into Chapter 3 and haven’t had the need to go to them once. I’m telling you - do that tresure map side quest to get $1,000. Enables you to better upgrade the camp and then you can give all the skins, jewellery etc you collect straight to the camp.


Trapped and fence both provide perks to your character


don’t you have to sell the gold to a fence to get the $$$?


Yeah otherwise it goes to camp funds


klipped more klan, then found some interesting documents on them. Trying to add screenshots and will report back.


I bumped into the trapper last night for the first time, as I was heading to Blackwater for a mission in chapter 2.


I’ve almost finished the main story now (I think) and it’s kinda taking the piss with the missions


How many chapters are there??

In my game, I really need to get involved in more hunting. Most of my pelts are poor - I realise now I should be studying the animal more and being more gentle. Plus should take on these legendary animals!

Is there an easy way to view all of your side missions that you’ve started? I know you should stumble along, but I really want to help those builders with their lumber shortage - I can’t remember where the lumber camp is!


I think I’m on chapter 8 with is the epilogue part 1. I’ve kinda just been finishing the main story before I get bogged down with life soon, when I assume I’ll be able to dabble with other bits in the game in spare time. Still not even 80% through the main story though apparently.


im such a doofus with this game - been trying to work out (without googling) how to rob that operation behind the drug store in Valentine for an eternity - and it’s cost me a small fortune in bounties! and I’ve blown myself up several times!

just stumbled across how to do it when watching a weapons youtube - why did i never try that??!


Im still on chapter 2…


me too. stupidly tried to drive the oil lorry thing across country and the horses died


I did that last night. Failed 4 timesz kept on blowing up until orealized booking out to some cover then taking them out 1 by 1 was the way to go as opposed to trying to ourun them


if you hide on the hill nearby and fire a shot into the air near the refinery the horses tethered to the oil wagon parked in the loading bay run out onto the road. jump on and ride like fuck. no killing needed until the posse come after you.


The one I got was out on the road coming out of Valentine. That seems a good idea will try that tomorrow


Had a great experience at a developing train track in the dead of night with some workers using pick axes and the like to construct the railway line and I was asked to find out why some money was going missing and the foreman suspected some of the immigrant workers, so I followed the Junior Foreman as he went for “a leak” and he was hiding money in a tree and he gave up the money if I’d let him go. As he ran off, I decided to lasso him and hogtie him and bring him back to face the consequences with his boss. As I picked him up and walked back, I was expecting the workers to see me doing this and start panicking and trigger the “wanted” gauge, but the guy who took over from the junior foreman told me to let him go, my Arthur said “he’s been stealing money from you all” then the guy said something like “… I ain’t seen nothing” and I was taken back by the developers considering this action that players would attempt to bring the guy back for justice rather than let me go or just shoot his ass.