Red Dead Redemption 2


For me MGSV was the high bar in terms of physicality / movement animations, but think this pips it.

Last night I spotted a similar moment (when it blends from cutscene to gameplay) when Arthur bursts through a door and turns 45 degrees to start chasing someone …the flow of his body with his arms flailing and feet nearly giving way underneath him as he changes direction so unexpectedly was unbelievable.


spinning glitch has done me


Was riding along and found a leg. Followed a blood trail and crikey saw something pretty grotty along with a great poetry reference. Pretty funky.

Levelled up dead eye which is good too.


Think I might have bugged my game.

I caught a legendary boar in the marshes north of Saint Denis and was riding south towards the trapper in the city. This route triggered a Stagecoach Ambush side quest… I stupidly carried on riding and found all the icons in Saint Denis locked due to it wanting me to go back and wait for the Stagecoach to ambush… Went back to the marker on the map to wait for the Stagecoach and it won’t trigger having waited for a few (in game) days.

It won’t let me set up camp to advance a few hours and no NPC’s are coming close to that area. Could reload, but unsure how far back it goes. Gonna either blow myself up with dynamite, go to SD and get shot or get eaten by a gator. Hopefully it kicks it back to life.


Dynamite > Boom > Restart Mission > :+1:


Gee whiz! Riding off in cinematic mode is brilliant - hadn’t used it much til now


Just took mine into the shop to sell… Couldn’t deal with it after completing the story. £35 so it was worth it. Would have rinsed too much time doing all the treasure hunting and crap and that isn’t that enjoyable anyway.

Didn’t sell to Game in the end but the crap they gave me when I tried… Asking several times if I platinumed it as if that means anything…


done the mission with john and the sheep herding last night. something really poignant about these two trying and failing to connect, would have happily listened to more dialogue there.

it’s actually a super sad story all told.trying to minimize my rampages so it doesn’t conflict with the story too much, altho there’s enough cutscene dialogue where arthur mentions feeling out of control and angry and hateful to “justify” cutting loose every now and again (just to stay in character of course).


Did you platinum though?


From about the middle of chapter 3 to the end of chapter 4 is stunning.

Spoilers for the end of chapter 4, no matter how tempted you are please don’t click unless you’ve done it;

Absolutely gutted, LENNNNNNYYYY!!! and Hosea was probably my favourite in the camp.


Maybe? I think I sold some platinum pocket watches at least


Bit silly of them - impossible as about 15 of the bloody trophies are locked until Online gets released.


Arthur can do A LOT of things that I struggle with : ride a horse, shoot folks in the face, eat meat.

But I can do something Arthur can’t do: speak German. Very frustrating to have a cut scene with him totally failing to understand and I’m all “I get you bro, tell me more about your gold mine”


I really like this game but struggle to empathise with Arthur seeing as he’s a complete degenerate. But I guess that’s the point. Lots of moral shades of gray in this.


How very dare you? My Arthur is just a misunderstood, clumsy gem.


this game proper reminds me of the wild bunch


the wild bunch is one of my favourite ever films


Arthur’s campsite chats with Karen(?) are proper dark


i hate the draw system. i don’t understand how it works. i just muddle through until somehow i win. piece of shit bit of gameplay tbh. stuck on that bounty mission in the mine, I’ve now died 12 times.


Half half hold the button while the meter fills. You can do it too slowly which gives the other guy time to draw, if you press to far, you’ll draw too quickly and again will die. As soon as the meter’s full, go from half press to full press. Aim for the guy’s arm and full press again to shoot.