Red Dead Redemption 2


My issue was Arthur facing the wrong direction when in the boat. I turned him around and he sat automatically


sadly this isn’t working for me, I’ve been walking up and down the length of the boat, spinning on the spot, jumping out and climbing back in… nothing.


Ah shit - so touchy some times, especially when sacking a camp. Thankfully now I’ve got a little further (mid Chapter 3) I don’t have to grind as much

I feel like I’ve played this game for an age - and only in Chapter 3!


Oh no, there’s a main mission that culminates in escaping by canoe… I can’t complete the game! Hoping for an update patch to come and fix it, but apparently literally no one else is experiencing this online


I had a glitched mission yesterday - “Come on Arthur, get on the wagon!!”

Arthur is on the fucking wagon!!!

I was able to get through by selecting ‘Skip Checkpoint’


Oh yeah! Good point, thanks!




It’s almost…too good.


beat it last weekend, loved it


think you’re looking for the filth thread, pal




Dis Online Posse?

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When’s online released? I’ve always wanted a posse.


It’s in beta now


My lack of willpower got the better of me and bought a PS4 with Red Dead. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last year playing Skyrim on Switch but visually it’s just absurdly good. I spend most of my time trotting around taking in the views. In terms of graphics and detail this feels like a proper leap… feels almost next gen.


I’m going to wait for it to get out of beta as they’ve said they can’t confirm yet that beta progress will be saved.

That and I’m still on chapter 3 and loving it.


Crafting the satchels has taught me that I really hate cougars, but has also taken me all over the map (or the map at Chapter 3, anyway). Weirdest place/thing you’ve seen? For a while it was the asteroid place, but this week I’ve found the Frankenstein’s animal monster thing and seen a UFO. Wonder if there’s a jetpack out there somewhere? Should really go back to the storyline at some point, but probably not until I’ve got the trapper to craft me some truly horrendous outfits.


Ok I’m online


Where is the trapper?! I’m halfway(?) through chapter 3 and haven’t come across him.


He’s set up in at least 4 places. Easiest to find is in Saint Denis, but he’s also got camps set up which I’m going to struggle to describe without looking at the map. One north east of whatever the lake is towards the north west corner (up the hill side north of the most northerly path, one near Riggs station, again up a hill, you can possibly see the
big railway bridge that spans the canyon from where he is, the other one I’ve found is up towards the north east corner, can’t remember specifically what it was near other the Annesburg.

I’ve bought a boat and tried to paddle my way to the bottom south west corner earlier - was doing really well, until I was shot and killed. They really don’t like Arthur down there…