Red Dead Redemption 2


I find the fishing quite difficult (the smaller fish are easy enough, I’m having trouble with the bigger fish). I basically can’t reel quickly enough. Spent a solid ten minutes trying to reel one in last night, it was exhausting. I had to give up, the whole experience was quite embarrassing.


Also found fishing tricky. Was the same on FFXV.


I thought I was going to end up with a claw doing the legendary fishing. I was casting out as far as I could then waiting for a bite. The last couple I’ve cast out then reeled in 3/4 of the way before waiting for the nibble, and it’s become less onerous.


Also learnt yesterday: if an animal you want to skin dies at the top of a steep incline, don’t spend 10 minutes repeatedly running up the hill to frustratingly slide down again- lassoe the corpse and drag it to you.


Use the palm of your hand not your thumb


Any tips for Buell?? Cannot do it!




This game is too big. Just found the vampire side bit


how fucking long does an epilogue (or 2) need to be???


Enjoyed that side quest.

Though the dagger you get is just ornate and isn’t any more powerful or anything.

I can’t quite tell if I like the realism with that sort of thing or not. Even if it was just a token step up from the hunting knife it would feel kind of nice as a reward for taking ages to work it out, but then also a knife is a knife and it’s rewarding just to have done it?


I am more impressed about how much there is in it, I am actually worried how long itl take me to find everything

yesterday I was riding through Strawberry, came across a note on a house from a man telling his wife he would be back soon. Further down the road, a guy is on top of a cliff pointing to a wteckage below. You go investigate and its the guy from the house. I googled it and apparently if you return to thw house, you see a note from his wife

Also watched a 15 Easter Eggs in RDR2 video…pirate sword and gorilla!


I think I only saw part one of that!


I think the second part comes in chapter 4


Only found the note. Need to check out the rest.


Kind of thought that this would be a game that I’d be playing for months, but I rattled through the story, finished it and haven’t picked it up since. Kind of disappointing, even if i did love it.


it’s probably no Smash Bros :wink:


Bam I haven’t played Smash since the N64. I am beyond excited.


was up until 1am playing online in the end last night. Couldn’t help myself


anyway wrong thread soz


Travel south down the road, you should see a stranger. If not the rest is there, its a cliff that overlooks the logging place