Red Dead Redemption 2


I find the fishing quite difficult (the smaller fish are easy enough, I’m having trouble with the bigger fish). I basically can’t reel quickly enough. Spent a solid ten minutes trying to reel one in last night, it was exhausting. I had to give up, the whole experience was quite embarrassing.


Also found fishing tricky. Was the same on FFXV.


I thought I was going to end up with a claw doing the legendary fishing. I was casting out as far as I could then waiting for a bite. The last couple I’ve cast out then reeled in 3/4 of the way before waiting for the nibble, and it’s become less onerous.


Also learnt yesterday: if an animal you want to skin dies at the top of a steep incline, don’t spend 10 minutes repeatedly running up the hill to frustratingly slide down again- lassoe the corpse and drag it to you.


Use the palm of your hand not your thumb


Any tips for Buell?? Cannot do it!




This game is too big. Just found the vampire side bit