Red Dead Redemption 2

also, bad guys, do you have any ‘rules’ on who you murder/rob and who you don’t? I basically rob trains whenever I see one, shoot and then loot rich looking travellers, always assist in freeing prison work gangs etc. shot the shooting competition fella too because I couldn’t pay him and felt bad about it.

also like sniping people coming in and out of Strawberry. fucking hate Strawberry and its people.

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It doesnt make a difference tbh. May get bounty hunters but no more frequently than a normal bounty

That mission takes place in the red zone but you should be able to go straight to the starting point for that mission without any hassle.

Really enjoy crossing into the red zone and trying to make it all the way to Macfarlanes ranch. Turns out ye get killed automatically as soon as you enter new austin grr

anyone wanna play red dead online with me?

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tried booting it up last night, stalled on the loading screen, restart, did the opening story mission, had to go meet clay davies, now it won’t let me leave the area unless i do the mission but i didn’t have time to wait for the lobby to fill up.

on the plus side i have made ciri from the witcher 3 as my character, so that’s pretty cool.

How far did everyone go with completion? I’m at 94.2% and the last bits are all for the taxidermist and then the assorted challenges.

I tried playing a few days ago. Joined a posse. We all sat on horses looking at each other for like 15 minutes. Then one shot me in the head. It was dark and nothing was happening.


played my first group mission, wasn’t too bad although it’s difficult from the get go, especially without slow mo dead eye. also did a couple of free roam missions, they’re better because you’re solo. if you want to advance/rank up without spending a shitload in microtransactions it’s going to be a long, long grind. fine by me, like fuck am i giving r-star more money when the base game cost 50 quid.

if you don’t care too much about your honour ranking you can probably turn a fairly healthy profit just doing lots of banditry out in the wilderness, there’s usually a good amount of ammo/items/1 or 2 dollars in loot to be had from NPCs. expecting rockstar to code this out once more people clock on, like they did with the stock market in GTA online.

If you have good honour you get extra missions. Its well easy to build it up though, greet every stranger as you go past

ah, will remember this. accidentally spat at a cop after mission 1 and he beat me up. read that whistling to other players is a way to show friendly intent, other player blew my head off :sweat_smile:

Its too easy to get accidentally in trouble. I did a stranger mission once where I helped a guy, then accidentally trampled him with my horse

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Just as in real life.

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enjoying this online malarkey. load time is better than gta, players seem more chill/less aggro so less fucking about on missions, and i also figured out if you set a waypoint, go in cinematic, double tap and hold x for five seconds and release, your horse will follow the path and you can put the controller to one side, go make a cuppa/check tweets while he goes to destination.

think im moiphda88 if anyone fancies a game of poker some time.

I’m going to add you later because I’m yet to experience the FUN

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I encountered the phrenologist in Saint Denis last night. Pulled my gun on him then shot it in the air so he ran off, then calmly put the gun away and said howdy to everyone standing on the street. It was great.

Haven’t encountered the klan yet but I’m looking forward to taking them out

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okay so here’s a weird thing…as i mentioned i tried to make my character look like ciri from the witcher, and I’ve noticed during missions sometimes male players will jump onto the back of my horse so they’re sat behind me while on route. happened to another female character on a mission i just did :confused:

what the fuck is wrong with these nerds jfc

adding you - i’m maj_nougat btw

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Still waiting for @Yesiamaduck to approve my friend request. Any day now


o_w_e_n_j for anyone on PS4 :slight_smile:

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