Red Hot Chili Peppers POSITIVE REPLIES Thread

Sorry not sorry - ignoring the bit in capitals in the thread title here. We don’t have a Ryan Adams positive reply thread for instance?

that tv incident (the one @Damian alludes to above) was around the same time of this also.

I know it’s a positive replies thread but this stuff should trump that. Their behaviour was abhorrent, and that guardian interview @spiritofjazz posted just shows that they haven’t faced up to it, acknowledged it or tried to make amends. They cowardly avoid it whilst saying we were young and dumb and taking loads of drugs without really accepting it and divert to Keidis as they were his lyrics?! Who then goes on to say no good can come of discussing something he wrote in his own book about catholic school girls rule.

They’re a thunderously shit band anyway but everything around them reeks also. Just no.


Also, in terms of wrongdoing, it’s not one of his worst. But Sinead O’Connor vehemently denied ever being in a relationship with Keidis in her recent memoir (which was very good). I only mention it because it’s referenced in the thread and seems to be a story everyone passes around

I think the positive replies thing was just because they would get stick in terms of their music in a lot of threads, so this was for people who wanted to say anything positive about it. It wasn’t to silence criticism of their behaviour, which I think can be talked about anywhere.

(Just pointing out that’s why we don’t have a Ryan Adams positive reply thread)


Yeah, it was just me having fun because they’re one of those bands people are incapable of having a weak opinion about. People can say what they want.


Fruisciante has good taste tbf

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I like this video a lot. Actually a very good dissection of the song