Red Letter Days



Would you rather

  • A bass guitar lesson from Flea
  • A drum lesson from Meg White
  • All You Can Eat Pizza Hut with Chris Martin
  • Dutch cookery class with Ed Sheeran
  • Archery with Mark Kozelek
  • Supercars around Brands Hatch with Azealia Banks
  • Hot air balloon ride with Jeff Mangum

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All expenses paid



martin. wouldn’t have to talk to the tedious fuck if we both had mouths full of delicious free pizza, would i?


I am quite hungry and was tempted for the same reason


Gonna go with the Meg White lesson as I always fancied her a bit and I could teach her the drums.


Probably has really bland opinions around pizza though. Like pizza hut being the best place for pizza on the market or something


it’s a risk i’m willing to take, rich.

(tbh i’m a very dull man myself, there’s just as much chance of me boring him as there is him boring me :frowning:)


Out boring Chris Martin is an accolade


in an a-level english class once, i was asked to read out a passage from a book and reduced the entire room to tears of laughter because, according to one of my classmates: “his voice is just so


meg white is a good drummer

[no chat]


Chat is encouraged, though not sure of your point


Kids are cruel, you are unboring