Red Letter Days

Would you rather

  • A bass guitar lesson from Flea
  • A drum lesson from Meg White
  • All You Can Eat Pizza Hut with Chris Martin
  • Dutch cookery class with Ed Sheeran
  • Archery with Mark Kozelek
  • Supercars around Brands Hatch with Azealia Banks
  • Hot air balloon ride with Jeff Mangum

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All expenses paid


I am quite hungry and was tempted for the same reason

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Gonna go with the Meg White lesson as I always fancied her a bit and I could teach her the drums.

Probably has really bland opinions around pizza though. Like pizza hut being the best place for pizza on the market or something

Out boring Chris Martin is an accolade

meg white is a good drummer

[no chat]

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Chat is encouraged, though not sure of your point

Kids are cruel, you are unboring

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