RED NOSE DAY (bonus cake poll)


Apparently it’s Red Nose Day today. There are some cakes in the kitchen. In fifteen minutes I will make a donation and have a cake. Which one? That’s up to you!

  • Jam doughnut
  • Sticky ginger cake
  • Lemon fruit tart
  • Raspberry fruit tart
  • Doritos (fuck off)
  • Token fruit (FUCK OFF)
  • Victoria Sponge (comedy answer because obviously I can’t have it, it’s got cream)

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Anyone in your office sitting in a bathtub filled with baked beans or anything?


There’s a cake sale at our office but I’m WFH. Probs for the best cause I’d be on a rampage by now


Piece of fruit or a yoghurt, think you’ve had enough cake recently quite frankly.



Lemon fruit tart is probably the best option there, but not at this time of the morning.


i’ve changed my answer three times already


I mean let’s be honest, the poll’s a farce, I’m blatantly going to go back as many times as I’ve got non-pisstake coins in my wallet.


I have honoured the will of the people.


Joke’s on you, there’s fruit in the jam!!!11




Imagine if that was a full size post-it note.


Didn’t even @ me in the post-it, what a coward.


It was doughnut chat and you’ve made your opinions on that subject VERY clear.


You should just have the entire ginger cake.


There’s still time.


I went back for some ginger cake, fao of @ruffers

Feel a bit sick now, if I’m honest. But no ragrats


Yeah bit filling but definite ATD among cakes