Red Nose

Got four of these fuckers to open in about half an hour for the family. Going to lay down a hard and fast rule that you get what you open (no chance). I’ve got my fingers crossed for the badger or the fox or maybe the robin.


What you got/after?

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would be funny if they had red noses for remembrance day instead of poppies.


The one in the middle next to the tomato would work.

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Pretty sure I had a Stonk t-shirt

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I have a red nose, am I a gammon?

I’ll have a 1991 please

What happened in 2007?

Or in the year urbanriver?

The sub-prime mortgage bubble burst.

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1997, very New Labour

It was a big sponge one.


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I remember 2003 well.

Didn’t they have one which changed colours one year?

Deff had a 88 and an 89

Expect I thought I was too old for it by the next one

Probably had all of these. I remember you got a sachet of hair gel with 2003.

I’d probs want ladybird

Snail or Badger.

In 1988 so many places ran out of red noses. They were usually sold in Woolworths and Oxfam but they all ran out that year. They weren’t expecting such a high demand on their inaugural year.