Red Nose

Don’t remember any after 1993 tbh

If I was that old I would tell you that I had to wear a table tennis ball painted with nail varnish that year. I think Blue Peter showed how to make them.

You know what they say, if you can remember red nose day 1994, you weren’t really there


Yeah. I remember a lot of improvisations that year.

2005 for me. totes.

I definitely remember being involved in a class detention after flinging a number of 2001 red noses round a classroom during Maths.

Fucking swizz



Although the robin is mine

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i think i had the 1997 but can’t believe it was as long ago as 1997


I had to dress up as Hale or Pace at School Pantomime along with my mate Steve. But the make-up lady (probably a TA in retrospect) gave us both moustaches so nobody knew who we were other than small boys in suits. Still got a (sympathy?) laugh though.

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Laughing at my children’s pain? A new low!

Egg Yolk '95 was good

Explanations of all the designs here The History of Red Nose Day- MGT Design

Does anybody remember red noses for cars? Like a big red nose you put on your car.


Every Transit had one, great laugh. LOL that plumber’s got a big red blob on his van, TEEHEE

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For the first red nose day my school held a top of the pops (young folk, look it up) event. As part of it I was on stage in front of all the pupils performing Blame It On The Boogie by Big Fun ( young folk, look it up).
It was the first of two times in my life when I have felt like a pop star.

What was the second?

Me being Geri from Spice Girls