Red onions > white onions

by an absolute mile

i only ever use red onions, so should you

they taste better, therefore they should be used all the time

  • red onions
  • supremacist onions

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Different onions for different needs.


And that’s shallot!!


I’m a range of onions type of guy.


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so when would you use supremacist onions instead of red onions?

What’s your opinon on Green Onions (the song by Booker P and the MGs)?


I think fried to the point of oblivion white onions are probably one of the best things in the world.

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Definitely prefer red onions in general but there are definitely some things white onions are better for.



White onions are a different thing to the ‘normal’ onions, though, AFAIK. You’re thinking of yellow onions, I reckon.



Here you go:

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Red onions are the best because red onion and mushroom pizza is the best pizza.

See also - cheese toasties. Far better with red onion instead of white onions yellow onions whatever you want to call them onions.

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absolutely love me an onion tart

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I did think this as well. I meant yellow onions in my post. Not sure what white onions are, simple foreigner that I am.

I’ve rarely seen them for sale. Maybe they’re more popular in the States?

Oh yes I’ll get some yellow onions from the shop
Said absolutely nobody ever

But you don’t say “I’ll go and get some white onions” either, do you? Surely you just say onions or ‘normal onions’ or something like that.

roasted shallots for a snack[poll public=true]

  • of course
  • whit?!

Yeah if someone asked me to pick some up I’d probably ask red or white

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