Red wine enthusiasts


Can anyone recommend a nice red wine in the £30-40 bracket that would be nice as a present please?

Serious answers and jokes both welcome.


That’s a merlot of money


Eight bottles of Casillero del Diablo.


It’s wine from the devil’s cellar


I buy slightly spendy red wine for my stepfather for christmas - my technique is to go to the “nice wine shop” and ask them to recommend something.

He always seems pleased with what he gets - but I guess he would prob not say if he wasn’t either so :man_shrugging:


Bloody malbec, I’d want a full cabernet full for that much


Do you think you could ever get bordeaux making wine puns?


Yep, for that price you could get a few cheaper ones and have a night on the shiraz


Enjoying these, keep em coming.


All these puns are making my head grenache.


Out shopping with my family the other day, and saw my Gran Reserva nice bottle




are you syrah you want to spend that much?


Didn’t know you were aussie


It’s hard to tell if she’s being sancerre…

  1. it’s a white wine
  2. it doesn’t really work


Four bottles of Bucky


It works


none of them work, pal!


Can recommend a red red wine in the UB40 bracket


Knew someone in this thread would be decant