[Redacted] but reggae (Mungo's Hi-Fi)

Now, how about this?


I have no idea anymore.

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there’s one Mungo’s track that belongs on DiS



Dunno why the title was redacted - it was the whole point of the thread, but I guess I broke some rule.

Can a mod just change it to Mungo’s Hi-Fi then? Looks stupid now.

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Nah, all Mungo’s tracks belong here. Excellent act.

What was the title supposed to be?

Big love for this:

I’m guessing someone was trying too be funny.
I laughed. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah - somehow missed the joke when it was just soma. I’m all up for a good cover and everlasting gaze is one of my favourite by SP… but this is pretty weak.

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I love Mungo’s, just making the DiS joke about bikes


I should know to handle references to Smashing Pumpkins with care when on DiS I guess…

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Yup. He who shall not be named casts a huge Shadow over these parts.

Crosses self like a peasant in a horror film