Anybody here post on it regularly/non-regularly?

Anyway, I think…it’s not for me (Clive)

It’s good for cute animal pics.

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There are some interesting topics and some the AMAs can be good but I hate the layout.

Look at the boxing and nfl ones a fair bit. Use soccer streams, don’t have an account and it’s a fucking cess pool

Just American DiS tbh

I know there are some good sub-rebbits
I know a lot of shit breaks there and a lot of insightful posts get posted daily

I’m too scared to put myself in that ecosystem.


I don’t really post much any more, but I mostly like it. It’s best to stay away from the most popular subs or stick to more niche areas.

reddit enhancement suite does wonders

god the infiltration of the boxing sub in the build up to mayweather-mcgregor was the fucking worst. Big crossover of Conor McGregor fans and massive idiot cunts, strangely enough

Follow some penoid stuff on there, but even those communities are noticeably more Fedora-centric than other sites for the same games.

so ruddy bloody big

Only for wrestling and computer games

Good source for ongoing terrorist attacks too

Occasionally have a sconce at the Deerhunter board, read an AMA now and then but it’s a garbage pile of a site.

full of nobs but if you’re looking for discussion of something niche its a good place to start
really like the learntodraw subreddit atm

it’s really really useful for subs based on niche interests or whatever, and the smaller the community, the less arseholes in general. used to use it a lot as a go-to for discussing TV episodes/movies/sports events but have mostly replaced it with DiS for that and am much better off for it

Shit for twats


Yeah, this. If you’re after discussion/tips/funny pictures about a niche videogame you’ve just started or something else you’re unlikely to find a mass of people for elsewhere it’s good for that. Getting drawn into the larger subs/events is something you shouldn’t do under any circumstances. Like a very diet 4chan.

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go on there for basketball and occasionally football news, but thats it tbh. even a few subreddits that are relevant to my interests are fucking pish and full of twats.

It’s fine. It’s just like the Internet circa 1994. Some enthusiastic, fun sites/subreddits, some dross, and some downright, jaw-droppingly terrible.

It’s fine once a) you’ve come to understand how to navigate the site, and b) once you know which bits to avoid. It’s too easy not to really know and to find gifs of cute bunnies next to hardcore porn. It doesn’t help that it’s almost exclusively populated by 15-35 year old boys, so skews heavily towards tits and penoid card games.

The owners have also been totally unwilling to deal with stuff like virulent racism or groups dedicated to stuff like “underage creep shots”. They still actively choose to host stuff like Red Pill because you know it would be uncool and like censorship to not actively create the place for it and whoah calm down and stop overreacting to people describing how they want to rape you, it makes you look not cool.

So yeah I have absolutely no interest in becoming part of a place that is absolutely set up to be hostile to me and others and tries to act like actively supporting/providing a space for those who do is some kind of noble form of neutrality.

(Don’t collectively even Not All SubReddits me here- I could not care less about you plural’s apologism for the place)


That wasn’t specifically meant to be an answer to you in case you thought I was yelling at you, was supposed to be a reply to the original topic.