Can you believe, it’s 2022 and there has never been a thread that’s just titled “Reddit” on these boards?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, plenty of stuff posted on Reddit has been posted here, but this post from @TheWza made me think “You know what? Let’s have a Reddit thread to talk about… Reddit”.

Some absolute toxicity on there, absolutely mindblowing blind-eye to illegal content, but also some interesting and niche subreddits too.

This isn’t a pro-Reddit thread, by the way, just a thread about Reddit.


Hate reddit. Hate everything about it. Wrong but popular misinformation gets upvoted, correct but unpopular information gets downvoted. A site full of right wing / Koch bots astroturfing and a bunch of seemingly 15 year old boys / “the truth is in the middle” ghouls trying to impress them or show how reasonable they are. A website of Matt Yglesias’s. Very anti-homeless and very anti public health. Hate hate hate it. It’s bad for society.

Some of the specialized reality tv subreddits are ok though.


Sums it up well, tbf

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Just joined a few days ago, having left Twitter. Some of it is decent but I wouldn’t dare go near anything political and many subreddits have me doing this:



The perfect place to crowdsource info on stuff like retro emulator handhelds, fightsticks, shmups, and other stuff that would be hard to research. Lots of it is very repetitive and it’s a massive time sink but for the value I get out of it, it’s fine. And in the subs I visit, I don’t really notice any of the stuff TAFH says, but I think each one can be treated like it’s own community.




Instead of downvotes they should say someone has blueit (blew it)

Upvotes, greenit or something, fuck knows


Is there still a drownedinsound reddit?

I only really use it to see the very quickly uploaded football footage and a bit of the old amateur pornography.

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The smaller the subreddit the better the experience IMO.

Was on there for years before finally closing my account due to the horrible addiction I had to it and a massive decline in quality. Subreddits I had previously really enjoyed 5 to 10 years ago are just total shit now. Not entirely sure why this happened, whether it’s a demographic change or the algorithm which brings low quality content to the top of the comment pile or both. Unfortunately these problems still tend to plague smaller subreddits now too.

I do go back to view some stuff on there (r/slaythespire and r/starwarsandor currently) but wouldnt be too sad if it all went.

Also must be one of the worst places going for recycling injokes and memes too. Full of seal-clapping, pattern-recognition, lowest common denominator image macros with the same unfunny comments under each submission. Drives you mad after a point.


Did I do something wrong

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no, I just read “TAFH” and immediately thought of the Smashing Pumpkins (and our resident Smashing Pumpkins Disser)


Have an account and read bits of it now and then but generally just can’t really be arsed with it


i like fantasy browsing the subreddits for specific dog breeds that i dream of adopting one day

(greyhounds and labradors and ridgebacks at the moment)

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There’s a Deerhunter subreddit where many of the old DH forum people ended up. Seems cool. There’s also a Primavera Sound subreddit which can be quite irritating. That’s pretty much the extent of my Reddit experience.

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Simultaneously hate it but find it stupidly compulsive. I can easily spend an hour there looking at absolutely pointless videos and humour-lite content and find it difficult to turn away.

For a while I had it blocked on all my devices. Might be time to do that again.

I miss Digg.


Sometimes a google search will lead me to something on it, then it tries to get me to use the app which I’m not gonna download, and I assume it wants me to create an account which I’m also not gonna do, so it lets me view one or two posts and if I try to view more it says I should use the app and do you know what just forget it


Bop it! Pull it! Twist it! Reddit…


Sometimes look at it if I’m scraping the barrel but I hate it. I hate the Reddit sense of humour.


Really does depend on the specific subreddits you follow. The app itself is complete balls, but there is some genuine good on them. Same as any other social platform I suppose.

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